April 2, 2019
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Pathetic Diaper Loser

My Mommy domme friends and I just love swapping stories about our regressed diaper slaves and how far they’ve come as our sissy adult babies! Mommy Mimi and I were talking about her naughty little diaper boy Nicky and how she has helped his girlfriend totally transform him into a helpless diaper bitch. After seeing the pictures of him in his full, messy diaper pants and abdl onesie I couldn’t stop giggling! I told her we need to post them all over the place so everyone can see how much he’s given in to being a cuckold diaper slave and will never be a big boy ever again! His girlfriend wants everyone to know that they should keep sharing his pictures and indulging his humiliation fetish which I am only too happy to help her and Mimi with! Call me if you want to be treated just like helpless Nicky! XOXO Mommy Jackie 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy #mommysex #diaperlover #forcedregression
September 9, 2018

Mommy Mimi Has To Punish You

You’ve been misbehaving too much the last few days! Coloring on the walls, trying to eat your crayons, pulling all your toys out of your toy chest and flinging them all over that place…and now you waited till I wasn’t looking to take your diaper off and run through the house! Do you think that you can do that and just get away with it? You definitely can’t, and now I am laying you across my knees to show you what happens when you get too naughty! That fetish abdl diaper is coming down and my bare hand is going to smack your hiney till it’s shiny and red! You can cry all you want but it won’t change your naughty abdl punishment a bit. If you get a wild hair and decide to take your diaper off again later, you are getting paddled with my wooden hair brush AND you will locked in those diapers! Go ahead and call for your abdl mommy phonesex. Mimi 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #midgetfetish #midgetmommy #diaperpunishment
January 22, 2017

ABDL Punished with Paddle

You have been a naughty abdl baby again, haven’t you? I told you not to mess in around in my panty drawer but you did it anyway.  And I caught you trying on one of my favorite pair of Mommy’s panties on top of that!  No, no, don’t try to take them off now! I did tell you before that if I caught you in there again, after all the warnings I gave you that you wouldn’t like what happened, didn’t I? Bend over my dresser, with your hands flat on top of it…don’t move them for anything. You ignored this little paddle I have on top of my dresser, and you really shouldn’t have. You see this switch on the side here? When it’s in the off position, you’ll feel just the regular hard smack when I hit you with it. When I turn it on, and touch you with it…you’ll get a nice electric shock to go along with the hard smack!  From now on whenever you’ve been very, very bad this is what I will use on you. Would you like me to use the naughty phone sex paddle on you? Call me so we can talk all about it! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #electricpaddle #naughtyabdl #spankedbyMommy
September 11, 2016

Are You Painting Mommy A Pretty Picture?

Look at your playing in your messy diaper for mommy! What a cute Adult baby Boy you are making your Abdl mommy a beautiful picture! Mommy loves it! Can I help you sweet baby, mommy would love to sit and play with you. Can mommy Breastfeed you while you’re all covered in your poopy? Mommy Tawny Loves Toilet play, just like you do! So come on my sweet baby let’s get you latched on, and you feel the warm liquid going down your throat. How does that taste sweet baby boy? Does it taste good? Good boy now mommy is going to rub your peepee as you suck on mommy’s breasts.  Look how hard you’re getting for mommy, I want you to make a big messy for mommy in your Cushies diaper! I am going to start rubbing faster! Uh Oh, You made another mess I am going to slide my hand and  grab a handful of it and rub it on my belly and all over my tummy! Look how hard you just got! Call me for some ABDL Phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy #scatplay #fetishphonesex #abdlmommy
April 14, 2016

In Trouble pt 2

Still pulling her by the ear I placed her in the corner and told her she better not think of moving out of that corner.  I grabbed the straight-backed chair from our kitchen and placed it in front of the large bay window and then opened up the blinds and drew back the curtains.  Next I told the penitent little baby girl to crawl over to me.  I sat down in the chair and pulled my little ABy girl up so she was standing in front of me.  Unzipped the zipper in the back of the dress and pulled it off.  Now she was standing in her little pink fleece diaper cover so I took that off and the pink plastic panties too.  Standing in just her pretty pink diaper I smoothed out my skirt on my lap and upended her over my knees.  “You just keep still and stare at the floor while you think about what is to come next little Miss”  I Think you should call me so we can see if you have been a good boy or girl and see what happens next. Call Tawny 888-430-2010.  Come visit the phone sex mommies in our Chat Room.
January 9, 2016

My Favorite Part of Being An ABDL Mommy

As an ABDL Mommy, it is very important for me to take care of my babies. I love to take care of them in every aspect of their day. Whether it is, being a nurturing Mommy by spoon feeding them breakfast or breast feeding them a snack, a fun Mommy by blowing raspberries on their bellies and making them giggle, or a stern Mommy by giving them spankings and putting them in time out when they misbehave, there is no part of my day that I just don’t love. I do have to admit that there is one moment out of the day that I love the most. I count the hours down during my busy schedule until the best part of the day comes and I can bask in it. It is truly my favorite part of being a Mommy, and no it’s not the glass of wine I have after I put baby in the crib. It’s the moment right before nap time. Right before a nap, Baby will crawl up on the couch and lay his head down on my lap. I place a pacifier in his mouth to suck on. As he sucks away, I use my long fingernails to gently comb back his hair and scratch his head. I do this repeatedly, gently across his scalp. He slowly drifts asleep in my lap and his adult pacifier falls out of his mouth, rolls off the couch, and hits the floor. I know I’ll have to wash it later, but I don’t care. I love hearing him breathe rhythmically as he naps away on my lap dreaming of whatever his innocent mind can dream of. That is my favorite part of the day, my favorite part of being his Mommy. It is the ultimate trust and love that I know he feels for me that lets him sleep away. Mommy Susan 888-430-2010
December 1, 2015

Hot for Mommy Part 1

Mommy Candy’s ABDL is named Jeffrey and he is a very shy sort of ABDL.  I really don’t make him go out much unless he wants to.  Well one day I was cleaning his room as I always do on Tuesdays and I stumbled across something that took me by surprise.  Jeffrey’s drawer was opened about midway and there was something pink and lacy kind of hanging out.  I went over and found a drawer full of my panties.  Some were clean and some well….were not so clean.  I do change his diapers and would have probably noticed him getting excited and overjoyed as I clean him before putting a fresh diaper on him.   I heard the bathroom door open and he came into the room.  We just stood there eye to eye and he stumbled on his words, and could not really say anything to me that made sense.  I asked what he was doing with my panties and he said well Mommy I am really attracted to you and can’t help myself.  I watch you sleep at night and I have even watched you take a shower from time to time. I also love when you change my diapers.   I could feel a flush of warmth come over my face. I didn’t know what I was going to do about this, but it made me feel anxious and gave me sort of a flighty feeling………Stay tuned for part 2 Hot for Mommy
October 31, 2015

Cuddle me Tawny

Oh, the things I have learned since I have been hanging around with a new friend. She is part of the ABDL and BDSM scenes. It started out with us going to a “cuddle” party. It was a smaller, more private gathering so she said.  There was a main room where you could just enjoy meeting other people and engaging in stimulating conversation. Then a more comfortable room with lots of fluffy couches, pillows on the floor and beds. She told me this was the cuddle room. Couples were all over just hugging, cuddling in all different ways and other’s just massaging each other; everyone looked so happy and relaxed. The atmosphere was so comforting. As we went further into the building we came upon a large nursery. This was not your typical nursery. This was why we were here. This was for adult babies and diaper lovers. She was a “nanny” here. When we entered the room everyone was so happy to see her. I felt all the love they had for her, and she for them. I watched in amazement as she took care of all her “Aby’s”, or so she called them. She went about checking diapers and changing them as needed. Putting some in large cribs for naps and even feeding them from bottles or baby food. There were other women that some of the Aby’s called “mommy” and even more “nannies” then just my friend. I noticed even more rooms with doors where some mommy’s took their babies and seemed to be either punishing them or giving extra love and attention. It was such a magical sight that I have been back to the nursery several times now and feel like I am becoming a part of the family. I am having so much enjoyment with my new role in the ABDL community. I am becoming a mommy, a very special mommy. CALL TAWNY (888)430-2010