She is wearing a diaper and a sexy man is seated in the chair.
Dumb Diaper Princess
September 9, 2018
A Sexual Phone Fetish She is wearing the black outfit and is positioned close to the door.
Adult Baby Sat For Real Part 2
December 3, 2018

Screenshot 12 ABDL Blog

You’ve been misbehaving too much the last few days! Coloring on the walls, trying to eat your crayons, pulling all your toys out of your toy chest and flinging them all over that place…and now you waited till I wasn’t looking to take your diaper off and run through the house! Do you think that you can do that and just get away with it? You definitely can’t, and now I am laying you across my knees to show you what happens when you get too naughty! That fetish abdl diaper is coming down and my bare hand is going to smack your hiney till it’s shiny and red! You can cry all you want but it won’t change your naughty abdl punishment a bit. If you get a wild hair and decide to take your diaper off again later, you are getting paddled with my wooden hair brush AND you will locked in those diapers! Go ahead and call for your abdl mommy phonesex.



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