August 2, 2015

Sissy Slut for Mommy

Being the sweet and loving ABDL mommy that I am, I really loving getting to play with sissy sluts! I have so many fun ideas to put my little sissy through. Do you have the desire in your heart to come to my nursery and let me take care of you? Sissification can be so much fun when you’re with me! Just put your trust in mommy, and I will show you all sorts of wonderful things! I’ve filled the closet in the nursery with so many dresses and shoes for me to put on you! More colors than you can imagine and of all sorts and styles! I’ll take you in and pick out something pretty for you to wear, change your wet diaper and put a pair of plastic pants on you! I can’t wait to make you my good little sissy! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
April 5, 2012

Respect your AB Mommy

Don’t Mess with the Ma’am     Ok, I admit it; I like it when little ones (and older ones for that matter) address me with the title Ma’am.  I know some ladies and AB Mommies don’t like it, that it makes them feel like an old lady and they should have names like Agnes or Gertrude or Ester, but I see it as the ultimate show of respect.  Just think for a moment, have you ever tried to question someone when you addressed them as Ma’am?  It just doesn’t work, does it?   You simply don’t question someone who has earned the title of Ma’am.     There is a strength that is implied as well when I am addressed as Ma’am; that I am, without question, the Matriarch and that I have the last word on all matters.  And I am usually looking for short responses to my inquiries –     “Don’t you think you should be getting to that list of chores I made for you?” “Yes Ma’am, right away Ma’am.”     “Did I say that eating your vegetables was optional?” “No Ma’am.”     “Didn’t I just say it was bedtime and to turn off the game?” “Yes Ma’am.” “Did I ask to hear you whine and complain about not wanting to go to bed?” “No Ma’am.” “Are you looking for a spanking?” “No Ma’am.” “Then off you go.” “Yes Ma’am.”     See what I mean?  There is no wiggle room when you are dealing with a “Ma’am”.   Simply put – You don’t mess with the Ma’am.     Gina 1.888.430.2010
March 15, 2012

Exhibitionist MILF

Out for a little Moonlight Swim…   The evening sky is clear, and the full moon hangs in a mystic glow.  A soft breeze tickles my skin as I dip a toe into the warm water of the pool.  Perfect I think to myself.  I saunter over to the table and turn the knob on the player – soft sensual music drifts up from the device, filling the air with its seductive tunes.  I turn up the volume, allowing it to be carried on the winds.  I give a little smile as I hear a rustling beyond the fence that engulfs the pool; good, an audience, I was afraid that would be alone this evening.   I have let it become common knowledge that I like to go for moonlight swims. Furthermore, I have also let it slip on numerous occasions that I prefer to take my midnight excursions au naturale, with nothing to taint the exquisite sensations of the soothing lapping of the water against my bare skin.  These steps were deliberate, all taken to entice the neighborhood boys to sneak a peak, fueling their neighborhood MILF fantasies.  After all, what’s the point in being an exhibitionist if you don’t have a captive and eager audience; an audience whom might just be seduced into doing more then just watch.   I let my silken robe fall to the ground as I slip into the still waters.  Loosing myself to the music and the warmth of the water, I start to move to the rhythm of both, my skin glistening in the moonlight, my nipples hard with the erogenous thoughts of being watched.  I can hear the soft gasps and groans from behind the foliage – it fuels my efforts as I step up my exploits.  I move to the shallow shelf and start to touch myself, my hips moving with my hand, my fingers, exploring the deep wells of my desire.   I know they are watching, stroking themselves as the exhibition unfolds before their very eyes.  We have done this dance many times before.  As I continue my masturbation show, I secretly wish I will entice one (or all) to reveal them selves and join in my naughty water play. Will you join me for a little moonlight swim?   Gina 1_888_430_2010
December 15, 2011

Upside Down

I love this pic!  With all the rushing and baking and shopping going on during this final leg before Christmas, I can sometimes feel like this tree – turned completely upside down, LOL!  You all know what I’m talking about!  And sometimes it’s hard to remember what this time of the year is about – family and friends and loved ones and sharing and enjoying the warmth and love of each other’s company.  So don’t forget to take a moment and breathe and just give a silent smile when Uncle Joe says, “Go ahead, pull my finger!”   Hey, upside down isn’t so bad after all!!   Merry Christmas Everyone!! Gina   Just a few of my favorite things ~ **milf/younger man roleplay * AB/DL mommy * diaper punishment **
October 20, 2011

Petticoat Discipline : The ROYAL Treatment

DEAR READERS, MY LYRICS WRITTEN BELOW, ARE TO BE SUNG TO THE TUNE OF THE LULLABY ENTITLED “HUSH LITTLE BABY” **************** Hush prissy sissy, don’t say a word, Mo-mmys sick of you act-ing ab-surd… If you’re whin-ing does not stop, Go-nna pin you down and jump on top… If you still keep sa-ssin’ me, Mo-mmys go-nna throw a-way the key… To your hand-cuffs locked up tight, Give in si-ssy you can’t fight… First you will be cor-set-ed, Your tu-mmy will be sucked in.. That’s too bad if you can’t breathe, Guess you should start min-ding me… Act like you are roy-al-ty, Now you’ll dress like it, you see… In Mar-ie An-toi-nette’s dress, And wig, what fab-u-lous-ness! Make you strut your stuff just like, You’re queen of Pa-lace Ver-sailles! You’ve had it co-ming you see, For acting pri-ssy and mean… When you treat me like that slut, Your mouth will then be forced shut.. Pe-tti-coat disc-i-pline works, It corr-ects be-ha-vior quirks… When you’re laughed at, oh so rude, It co-rrects your a-tti-tude… Next comes that which makes me purr, I tear your a-dult dia-per… Then I stick my head un-der, Your dress and you start to sqirm… It turns Mo-mmy on real quick, Play-ing with your sissy dick… Forced to cum deep in my throat, You feel shamed, that floats my boat! Love hu-mi-li-a-ting you, E-ven when you cry, boo hoo 🙁 Per-haps you will act hum-ble, For a while, till you crum-ble… Un-til the time comes soon when, We must do this all again… Till you learn your le-sson son, Mo-mmy will keep having fun;) *************************** With Love To All My Naughty Sissies! *************************** XOXO, Miss Cate 1-888-430-2010
October 6, 2011

Assume the Position

Now this is how I like to see my little ones – bare assed, red and raw from a severe session of spankings, and bent over the toilet receiving an enema.  It’s always good to remind my little guys who is exactly in charge and what the consequences are for misbehaving and/or not following instructions.  Heck, they can get this treatment if I’m just in the mood, LOL!  Hmmmmm, I feel the urge coming on now – what unsuspecting victim, I mean little one, shall I satisfy my urges on today?   Gina v  
September 7, 2011

Baby’s Day Out

Ready for a fun day out?  I have such a treat in store for you.  We will be going to one of my favorite stores – one that caters to my, shall we say, ‘special’ requirements?  A good outfit always starts with a good foundation, so we will begin there – a satiny pink bra/panty/garter set should do the trick.  Now, now, don’t start with your sniveling and whining, for it falls on def ears.  Your words may protest, but your body gives you away!  You can’t deny it – I see how your stir under the caress of those satiny panties.  You want more, and more you shall have!  A frilly, lacy dress is next on the menu along with white stockings and Mary Janes.  No need to wrap them up, for you’ll be wearing them out of the store!  I want everyone to see what a pretty little sissy I have!  So, are you ready for your day out?   Your forced fem Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
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