February 25, 2014

strict mistress mommy

I am a very vicious mistress at time’s,I am also a mommy. My little diaper sissy Eric is so attracted to trouble what a naughty sissy, He got into my make up without permission and painted him self  so slutty I decided he  needed a special kind of punishment. I put him in a corner and made him pull his pink skirt up and as he bent over I paddled him, with my hybrid paddle it was half dildo half paddle. I spread his little  pink hole nice and wide telling him as I taught him a lesson this is what slut’s get!  He did not wanna wear make up anymore after that little talking too.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 21, 2014

Masturbation Deterrent: The Introduction of Male Chastity

Ahh, look what I came across in my travels.  Now you know I adore interesting and unique items and antiques of yester years, and this little number is right up my alley. Did you know that male chastity devices were originally made with youths in mind rather than adults?  Oh yes indeed!   Back in the day, the belief that ‘masturbation’ was evil was widely accepted. This was due largely in part because of the story of Onan in the bible – ‘self-abuse’ (masturbation) was regarded as evil and went so far as to be referred to as ‘Onanism’. Not only that, but back then the popular belief (often supported by the medical profession) stated it would turn a young man into a drooling idiot (oh I can hear the comments from both sides of the isle – “you know it!” And “nuh-uh, not me!”).    To deter such ungodly acts, the male chastity device was introduced.  It had boasted the ability to “cease and desist” any “nocturnal emissions”…and yes, that was the polite term for masturbation in those days.  Of course we ladies, be it in the role of mommy or wife or girl friend, have come to realize what an effective tool the male chastity device truly is; both in heading off naughty behavior as a teaching tool, and punishing bad, or “unauthorized” activities as well.    So you see little ones, when mommy has to slap one of these little masturbation deterrents on your little weewee, it is for your own good – we don’t want you turning into a drooling idiot, now do we? Hehehe.     Magz 1.888.430.2010
February 16, 2014

I Love Dick

My sweet Abie I know you’ve noticed how mommy has been around you. Walking topless around the house having only my tiny black thongs on. I notice how turned on you get when you see mommy walking around, you can’t help but to stare at mommy’s luscious ass. Admiring my huge breast thinking what it would be like to be inside mommy’s nice ass. Feeling my warmth inside and out, feeling me cum all over your cock. Imagining how pleasuring it will be for the both of us. I then happen to tell you, how much I love dick, your face turning blush red. Then I glance down to see your cock rising in your pamper. I then tell you to pull it out and start stroking your cock in front of me. You refuse, so I rip a part of your pamper off then demand you to stroke it. You begin to proceed to stroke. I then demand you to stick your cock right in mommy’s tight ass.. Then telling you to plow my ass moving on to my pussy… I tell you then to tell me to scream out how much “I Love Dick” continuing to plow harder and faster making my pussy drip with cum all the way down my leg screaming how much I Love Dick! Mommy Lauren 1-888-430-2010
February 15, 2014

Sissy Nina

Sissy Nina walked in to my place and I told her you know you are not the boy that walked in here in that suit right? She looked at me and said”I am a boy,mommy please make me your son.” I smiled and replied with a kiss on her cheek she felt very warm after that as my lip’s were coated with a special Sissy regression powder. “I feel small and pretty now mommy, do I have to stay in diaper’s alway’s?” I said “Absolutely, you have to be in diaper’s 24/7.” Sissy Nina said “Yeahy I am such a pretty sissy,right?” “You sure are.” I said as I powdered and diapered her. Crissy 1*888*430*2010 
February 14, 2014

Valentine Heels

Aren’t these adorable?  Perfect for this special day!  Can you imagine finishing off that special Valentine’s dress with these?  I can see it now – a sweet little red dress, hair swept up in a cute red bow, and lips painted a very sultry red!  Quite the fashion statement!  Oh, and did I mention that it wouldn’t be me wearing these, but you?  NO? How silly of me, heehee!  But you must admit, you being a sissy and all, and a sissy that I insist should always look their best, why wouldn’t I be putting them on you?   Well, now that we have that all straightened out, let’s get you ready to go out, shall we?   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
February 11, 2014

lactation fantasy

This is your fantasy phone play Harris you walk into that  dimly lit room and there you find 6 gorgeous big breasted lactating mommies . Waiting just for you and you sit down on the red couch in the middle of the mommies and disrobe, The mommies start to form a waterfall of mommy milk all over you. Moaning you drink what you can catch with your tongue you let the rest bath you in delicious wetness, Seeing your excitement the ladies start to rub their nipple’s all over your face. Makes me smile thinking of way’s to destroy your dream’s !   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 9, 2014

Naughty Spankings

Nothing excites me more than to give spankings. Depending on how well you have been will depend on what kind of spanking mommy will give you. So tell me, have you been good or have you been pure naughty? If you have been well behaved mommy has a special treat just for you. You will be able to cuddle with mommy bare skin to skin on mommy’s nice king size bed. But if you have been really naughty, well you will not like what mommy has in mind. I’ve herd you were bad all week in school? Is that true? So it is then… Well now I guess I have no choice but to give you one hell of a blistering ass for misbehaving. That’s right come over here right now and bend over on mommy’s lap. I brought my hand whip with me, good thing I bought this just for you huh? Well whats the matter your face is turning all red. I guess your embarrassed that mommy is enjoying giving you spankings in front of all your classmates. Stop begging for mercy it will not do you any good, just take it like the sissy baby you are. Now I told you before if you were well behaved you would have been rewarded, but since you have been so disobedient. This is the kind of spankings you get, maybe next time you will think twice before misbehaving… FYI if you stayed well behaved mommy had sweet treats just for the two of us, too bad it got spoiled with naughty spankings.
February 7, 2014

Playing Dress Up

Mommy Scarlet wants to play dress up with you this evening. I already went to the mall to buy you some cute outfits. I am so excited to be dressing you up.   The first thing I bought you was a pink dress with flowers. I know you are going to look cute in it. I also bought you some cute pink shoes to go with your dress. If you want I can fix your hair too. I want to make you look pretty like me.   I have some dresses in my closet that I don’t wear anymore that I can give you. Mommy Scarlet loves seeing what you look like getting all dressed up. I will enjoy spending the whole evening with you soon. I have all of your outfits on the arm rest. I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to take a few photos of you on my cell phone.   Don’t worry; I’m not going show anyone.  I just want someone cute to look at when I’m not spending my fun nights with you. I’ll even bake us some cookies for when you come over tonight.   I hope you are just as excited as I am to be playing dress up this evening.    Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM:phonemommyscarlet