Both the boy and the attractive girl appear hot and seductive as they are both laying in bed.
Adult Baby Play Date!
January 18, 2017
A gorgeous and sexy girl is posing for the picture shoot while standing.
Sissy Slut Phone Sex With Mommy Ava
January 24, 2017

DBP 1373 ABDL Blog

You have been a naughty abdl baby again, haven’t you? I told you not to mess in around in my panty drawer but you did it anyway.  And I caught you trying on one of my favorite pair of Mommy’s panties on top of that!  No, no, don’t try to take them off now! I did tell you before that if I caught you in there again, after all the warnings I gave you that you wouldn’t like what happened, didn’t I? Bend over my dresser, with your hands flat on top of it…don’t move them for anything. You ignored this little paddle I have on top of my dresser, and you really shouldn’t have. You see this switch on the side here? When it’s in the off position, you’ll feel just the regular hard smack when I hit you with it. When I turn it on, and touch you with it…you’ll get a nice electric shock to go along with the hard smack!  From now on whenever you’ve been very, very bad this is what I will use on you. Would you like me to use the naughty phone sex paddle on you? Call me so we can talk all about it!



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