July 20, 2015

ABDL and Sissy Phone Sex is the Best

Sweetheart, I’m so glad you’ve come to visit Mommy Brenda. Mommy’s been waiting to snuggle with her favorite young man during ABDL Phone Sex. Come lie here with me and let’s get cozy. Put your head on my pillowy breasts and feel how silky my skin is. Close your eyes and tell me your secret fantasies. I have some sexy secrets to share with you too. Phone sex with your Mommy Brenda will be full of sex secrets and kinky surprises! Aren’t I in great shape? I like to think I’m the best of both worlds; experienced but still hot and juicy. I love to be admired by little men like you. Wouldn’t you like to suck my big nipples while I rub your cares away? Playing with your hard, springy cock is just the thing Mommy needs to feel feminine. I just want to kiss and nibble all over you, to be the sweetest Mommy you’ve ever known. But, you know I have a secret side too. Sometimes the “pressure” builds up and I must release my stress. I dream of your sweet butt and how I’d like to bury my hard, thick desire in your tightness. I want us to feel free to explore our phone sex fantasies together, to do anything that gives us pleasure. Be a good boy and call Mommy now. Mommy Brenda loves U! 1-888-430-2010
April 4, 2011

Sissy Baby Confessions

There are many things I love about being a dommy mommy and an abdl phone mommy in particular. One of those things is getting to help sissy babies and sissy boys. So many just haven’t found the right mommy or Mistress or even a friend to share their sissy side with. If I help even just one sissy boy to feel not so alone then that makes me feel wonderful. What makes it even better for me is when a sissy that I have been talking to for some time comes to me and says their girlfriend,wife,friend,new lover whomever now knows about their adult baby diaper lover desires and they’re open to it. Or their sissy side and are accepting. I just hope them getting to confess to me what they’ve kept inside helps them to open up to others and maybe get to explore it with someone they love. Mommy Scarlet