July 24, 2012

Silly Sissy ABies

I just love babysitting silly sissy ABies. Sometimes they won’t even admit what they are… but I show them, and teach them how sissies should behave. I take care of all kinds of sissies. The good ones know their place and obey me completely. They like to prance around in their pretty dresses and be treated like the sweet AB girls they are. Good sissies always get special rewards from me. Then there are the naughty ones. I especially enjoy the naughty ones—the ones that need to be spanked firmly before putting a nice frilly dress on. The naughty ones need extra discipline; special punishment and assignments to show them their place. Sometimes a sissy is naughty because they are embarrassed of who they are, but once they realize it they tend to fall into place and become my sweet obedient little ones. The sissies that are naughty just because they like to misbehave always get the hardest spankings and get teased mercilessly. I know that’s just what they’re after. No matter what kind of sissy you are, I can’t wait to take extra special care of you. I know exactly what to do with everyone of my silly sissies. So the next time mommy and daddy are away, just give Sitter Samantha a call, for your entire silly sissy ABy needs! Samantha 1 888 430 2010
February 20, 2011

Diaper Domination!

I babysit for BabyJacob every Saturday night. He is a real pill, as my mother would say. Just always into trouble of some sort. But I finally put my foot down. His Mommy just let him run ramped too long so I had no choice but to reintroduce diapers to him & force him into regression. So last night was his first forced treatment. It was intense to say the least. He is a handful, but I must say he took real well to submitting I had him diapered in no time & now to make certain he continues to submit, he has to call me every night for his diaper domination until I am satisfied that he is fully under my control. I know he has had a crush on me and I think that his mischievousness is his way of getting my attention, so I suspect his crush worked in my favor because he fell right into my trappings quickly and obediently *giggles*. Wanna submit to me? Oh, I think you do *bats lashes* I have my cunning ways I assure you! Be Mandy’s Pansy. 1 888 430 2010
June 20, 2010


Look, look, LOOK! This lovely piece of sweet goodness is called a Banoffee Pie! MUST….MAKE…..PIE! This thing almost makes me weep with pure want. It’s a mixture of Dulce de Leche and Banana Cream. Good GOD! I know what I am making tomorrow, and you know what? I think you should make it too, so we can all put on 20 lbs. together, as a team, we will be fat, happy and full! Here is the recipe for you: Crust * 1 cup(s) graham cracker cookie crumbles * 1/2 cup(s) pecans, toasted, finely chopped * 4 tablespoon(s) unsalted butter, melted * 2 tablespoon(s) packed brown sugar Filling * 2 can(s) (13.4 ounces each) dulce de leche (caramelized sweetened condensed milk) * 4 large bananas * 1 cup(s) heavy cream * 1 tablespoon(s) confectioners’ sugar * 1/4 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In bowl, mix crumbs, pecans, butter, and brown sugar. With back of spoon, press onto bottom and 1 inch up sides of 9 1/2-inch springform pan. Bake 10 minutes. Cool on wire rack. 2. Filling: Spoon dulce de leche into cooled crust and spread evenly. Peel and slice 3 bananas. Arrange over filling. In bowl, beat cream, sugar, and vanilla just until stiff; spread over bananas. Refrigerate 2 hours. 3. To serve, peel and slice remaining banana. Arrange over cream. Stacie 1-888-430-2010