Fetish Giant Breast in Giantess In front of the moog stood a woman holding a baby boy.
Sweet Giantess Mommy
June 7, 2019
She is dressed in all-black and displays her back in a pair of panties.
Panty-hose Covered Diapers
August 27, 2019
diaper lover

When my favorite abdl calls me for some mommy domme phone sex I love to play a little game with him and my big diaper bag. I show him what it looks like and ask what he thinks is inside, playing a quick little peekaboo to give him a hint. Sometimes, Mommy is feeling nice and it’s a fun surprise like a new adult baby pacifier or a cuddly stuffed animal. But other times, especially if my diaper lover little one has been acting up lately, I like to hide something naughtier in my diaper bag, like a thick pair of locking diaper mitts or, in today’s case, an extra, extra crinkly pair of plastic diaper cover pants for a humiliating public outing! Hearing his nervous, babyish whine as Mommy reveals his fate never fails to make me grin and giggle, after all baby has to do just what Mommy says- no matter what!


Mommy Jackie


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