February 12, 2012

Adult Aby Potty Training!

Hey there my Adult abie friend! I have been caring for you for a while now, and think it may be time to move on out of those diapers. Yes, I know how much your going to miss squishing around in those soaked nappies, but this is something all abies have to learn! We are going to potty train! Do you see that little pink sissy princess potty over there? Yep, the one in the corner! That is what you will be using from now on instead of those diapers. It is going to be a bumpy ride! But we will get through it together! Come on over to it my little sissy abie! Take of those pink princess pampers, and have a seat! Thats right! From now on your going to “go” here! No more diapers for you! When you are all trained, your mommy is going to be so proud of her little sissy abie! But if you don’t do as your told, or even consider hopping back into those diapers you will be in big trouble! Your Loving Abie-Sitter, Jenna 1-888-430-2010 http://phoneamommy.com
February 5, 2012

ABDL Reality

This past week I was away for a bit, and found myself seriously missing all the abdl fun! I love my life of being an abie sitter! Being able to diaper and care for all my abdl friends makes me soo happy! It seemed like my whole focus all week was about “How this cute blue romper would look on abie Jack” or “I wonder who is making my little sissy aby Paula keep his hands out of his messy nappy!”  Just wanted to let all my adult abies and diaper lovers know how much I missed ya! Big Wet Kisses Sitter Jenna http://phoneamommy.com 1-888-430-2010
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