July 10, 2015

ABDL Babysitter Jenna

“Click!” goes the lock as I turn it, turning to you slowly. Naughty ABDL sitter Jenna is here to babysit you again and punish you for being such a bad baby. I reach in my diaper for the paddle I had made just for you. My initials are engraved into it so that every time my hand comes swinging down onto that bottom of yours, it leaves a welt shaped just like my signature. Consider it a more merciful form of branding you as mine. And your Mommy and Daddy surely don’t mind either. They gave me permission to do whatever means necessary to keep you in line. Now drop that diaper and bend over my knee for some spanking phone sex.
May 31, 2012


You like to participate in mommy roleplay it is always the best time to have all these question’s answered that you want to ask. This is som eof the questions I have been asked by my ab phone friends I play with. what happens if I draw where I should’nt mommy? well little one, you get to be in time out and stand in the corner with nothing but a diaper and your little pout. what if I don’t do what I am told Mommy? Well then you get mommy very angry and you do not wan to cross me. That is when mommy pulls that diaper down around your ankles and you get a taste of my paddle on your bare bottom. Oooh, that sound’s like it would make my bottom very red, mommy. Yes it certainly would, my ab honey. I am a big boy ,mommy I don’t wanna have diaper’s on I can go in the big boy potty chair. No absolutely not you’r not ready for that yet, big boy’s don’t wet themselves, your just a bitty ab you need to be treated like one. So its diapers for you from now on. Don’t keep me waiting I would wanna keep me happy give me a call now huggies and kissies Crissy Call 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402
March 9, 2012

Manipluative Mandy

Being a Sitter can be a great deal of fun for a manipulative gal such as myself. These little ones I sit for are so very curious and most are willing to please, the ones that are a bit more defiant well, let us just say that I am skilled in the art of persuasion. The last little one I sitted for, just last night a matter of fact, was very curious about the difference between him and I. He kept touching my skirt as we sat on the couch together and I noticed that every chance he could he would brush his hand against my clothing. I did have on a lovely rayon dress, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Well needless to say, his behaviors eventually lead to me asking a few subtle inquisitive questions. Cum to find out his real interest was not just about the opposite sex, but why it was that I got to wear such pretty soft frilly things. He liked the feel of it he told me, said he just wants to be able to wear what I wear. As our discussion deepened he revealed to me that he often sneaks into his mothers panty drawers and that he has stolen many of her undergarments and had hidden them in his room. What wonderful secrets I am able to evoke from my absitting adventures, so many which serve to benefit me in more ways than one. Why I predict that these little secrets are going to serve me well long into my future *giggles* they don’t call me Manipulative Mandy for nothing ya know!
February 5, 2012

ABDL Reality

This past week I was away for a bit, and found myself seriously missing all the abdl fun! I love my life of being an abie sitter! Being able to diaper and care for all my abdl friends makes me soo happy! It seemed like my whole focus all week was about “How this cute blue romper would look on abie Jack” or “I wonder who is making my little sissy aby Paula keep his hands out of his messy nappy!”  Just wanted to let all my adult abies and diaper lovers know how much I missed ya! Big Wet Kisses Sitter Jenna http://phoneamommy.com 1-888-430-2010
January 4, 2012

Forced Fed Baby Food

Taking care of my brother is a real drag he makes my life hell but I find ways to torcher him like force-feeding him baby food. Larry is five years old and is a total brat. He throws temper tantrums whenever I have to watch him he acts so childish! Tonight when Mommy and Daddy are gone I plan to restrain him with my pantyhose and force-feed him that baby food again just to prove to him who is in charge! I have another little surprise for the brat I plan to spike his baby food with some Benadryl right after I get done force feeding him baby food he will go right to sleep for me! So that I can have the rest of the night all to myself. I know what you are thinking, that is really cruel of me, but UGHHH you don’t have to take care of him and I deserve a break! I know what else you are probably thinking, what happens if he has an accident in his pajamas since he will be sedated after I forced feed him all that baby food! I am way a head of you! I got diapers from the dollar store today! Mandy 1 888 430 2010
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