December 1, 2015

Hot for Mommy Part 1

Mommy Candy’s ABDL is named Jeffrey and he is a very shy sort of ABDL.  I really don’t make him go out much unless he wants to.  Well one day I was cleaning his room as I always do on Tuesdays and I stumbled across something that took me by surprise.  Jeffrey’s drawer was opened about midway and there was something pink and lacy kind of hanging out.  I went over and found a drawer full of my panties.  Some were clean and some well….were not so clean.  I do change his diapers and would have probably noticed him getting excited and overjoyed as I clean him before putting a fresh diaper on him.   I heard the bathroom door open and he came into the room.  We just stood there eye to eye and he stumbled on his words, and could not really say anything to me that made sense.  I asked what he was doing with my panties and he said well Mommy I am really attracted to you and can’t help myself.  I watch you sleep at night and I have even watched you take a shower from time to time. I also love when you change my diapers.   I could feel a flush of warmth come over my face. I didn’t know what I was going to do about this, but it made me feel anxious and gave me sort of a flighty feeling………Stay tuned for part 2 Hot for Mommy
August 30, 2015

No Taboo Phonesex

I love talking to other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! It’s so much fun giving cute little babies a diaper changes, or forcing a bratty sissy boy to deep throat my strap-on, I love making all fantasies come true! No taboo makes things so much more exciting; I get so wet when I know I’m doing something really naughty, like playing in dirty diapers or role-playing as a sexy mommy eager to take her sons virginity.. I love all kinks, and will have so much fun exploring your dark fetishes.. I absolutely love knowing that you’re getting off, so go ahead, tell me everything. I want to know exactly what to do to make you moan and beg for more, until you finally can’t control yourself and you blow your load all over my cute, smiling face or big, bouncy tits! Don’t be shy, I’ll keep your dirty little secret! Xoxoxo Brittney 888-430-2010
August 22, 2015

Mommy Knows Best

Hello baby! I am Mommy Ava! I have been taking care of ABDLs for a few years now and I love it. I have decided to bring my great experiences and love of diapers to YOU. That tight white mushy diaper feels so good against your hinny, you like the white diapers that stain when you allow yourself to tinkle in them; it’s warm and spreads along the front, and to your hinny. This makes you feel nice and warm all over but you want to please Mommy so you tell her how you want to be a big boy. I will put you in Big Boy diapers to teach you a lesson that you’re not ready to be a big man yet. You need a adult baby Mommy to guide you, someone to take all of your responsibility and put it on the back burner for you? Someone to remove that grownup baggage and allow you to slip back to your childhood. Call Mommy Ava and let the nurturing begin.  
August 2, 2015

Sissy Slut for Mommy

Being the sweet and loving ABDL mommy that I am, I really loving getting to play with sissy sluts! I have so many fun ideas to put my little sissy through. Do you have the desire in your heart to come to my nursery and let me take care of you? Sissification can be so much fun when you’re with me! Just put your trust in mommy, and I will show you all sorts of wonderful things! I’ve filled the closet in the nursery with so many dresses and shoes for me to put on you! More colors than you can imagine and of all sorts and styles! I’ll take you in and pick out something pretty for you to wear, change your wet diaper and put a pair of plastic pants on you! I can’t wait to make you my good little sissy! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
July 23, 2015


I know there are plenty of great ABDLs out there just wishing for a MILF to mommy them with some diaper fetish phone sex. I like to play a game on my blog where I set the beginnings of a story for us to play out and you decide if you’re willing enough to finish it with me! It’s been a while since I’ve had a nice sissy boy to spend some time with in the nursery and I miss it dearly. I’d love to do some adult baby diaper changes and spend some time feeding you from a bottle, or from my big breasts straight from the source. I can smell the nursery now while it waits for us to arrive, hand in hand to enjoy it together. The scent of baby powder fills our nose as we open the door, taking in the soft and friendly pastel colors that make up the room. It is such a welcoming, comforting place to be. Here, we truly feel like mommy and baby together. There is so much to do! Toys lie in wait within the colorful toybox against the far wall near a large bay window looking out onto a swing set and sandbox in the backyard. This place has everything that abies love. The crib is made up with soft blankets and toys on the sides for you to play with. The changing table has never been used, sitting in the room with us, waiting for your first wet diaper that will need to be changed. We sit on the fluffy carpet together, pulling out some toys and stuffed animals and playing together for a while. After some time passes, I wrinkle my nose in disgust when a foul smell hits me like a brick wall. I stand quickly, hand on hip as I look down at you with a softened expression, not able to be mad at such a sweet little baby. I ask you if baby made a stinky in his diapy and when you tell me that you did, we’ll go and break in your new changing table. Mommy loves getting to spend this time with you, doing all of the things that we both love. Being a sweet mommy is so much fun. When baby behaves, we both get to […]
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