March 24, 2013

Easter Dress!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!! Did ya guess?!? I got my pretty new Easter Dress!! Getting pretty new dresses is always one of my very favorite parts of holidays since I love shopping so much!! And Daddy said that since I was a good girl for most of the time that my special Uncle came to visit, I could pick any dress that I wanted. I picked the prettiest light purple dress ‘cause purples my favoritest color AND it’s a pretty Easter color!! It has a swooshy full skirt and when I spin around real fast it flies up and you can see underneath!! Daddy said not to do that though hehe. Anyways, it has puffy sleeves and it came with a matching purple ruffle panty. I’m gonna wear it with some brand new silver mary jane shoes that Daddy got me too!! What’s everyone else wearing for Easter? I want to know about all the pretty dresses my sissy friends are gonna wear! Oooh or maybe you need to borrow a dress! You can come look through my closet for the perfect Easter dress for you!! I love sharing with my sissy friends. Plus, I can show you MY pretty new dress! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
January 27, 2013

Furry Kitten!

Guess who got a new furry outfit?!?! Meeeee! Hehehehe it’s been a little while since I got myself a new furry outfit and got to play with other furry friends, so I was soooo excited to get it! Wearing a furry outfit is just so so sooo fun!! And then I get to play and act like whatever it is I’m dressing up as! My new outfit is a cute kitty one! I tried it on for a little bit yesterday just to see how it fit and felt. Oh my goodness did I look cute hehehe!! It’s the cutest baby pink color and sooo soft! It has cute little ears an puffy long tail. I tried acting like a kitty a little bit in it too and it was so fun!! Now all I need is a furry friend to play with so I have a good reason to wear it and play in it! Come play with me in my brand new pretty pink kitty furry outfit!! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
August 4, 2012

Messy Diapers

My favorite kinda diaper is a messy diaper! A fresh diaper always feels good, nice and soft against my bottom, but a messy diaper feels the best. It’s warm and squishy makes me feel like the little ABy I am. Sometimes I feel shy about making my diaper messy. Daddy has to help me when I feel shy. He holds me in his arms and rubs my diapered bottom while he rocks me. If I’m having a really hard time, he slips his hand inside the back of my diaper and rubs my bare bottom. He slides his finger up and down between my cheeks and slides a finger inside my bottom. That works every time! When Daddy pulls his finger out I can always feel the poopy start to come out. I like to plop down on my bottom and feel the messys squish all over inside my diaper. I feel it spread all over my little butt cheeks and squish between them. I rock forward so it squishes between my smooth little lips. Daddy loves to watch me play in my messy stinky diaper. He claps while I bounce up and down, making it squish loudly. After a while I crawl back over to Daddy and climb up in his lap so he can rub my squishy bottom. He squeezes my diaper so the poopy gushes even more. Daddy loves to squish and rub my messy diaper and give me kisses! When we’re all done, Daddy cleans me up and rubs lotion all over my bottom. Then I get a fresh new diaper to make messy all over again! Will you come play with me and change my messy diapers? Diaper Girl Lacy 1.888.430.2010
February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Mommy

I hope that each and every one of you has a nice valentines Day. If you’re like me and not a huge Hearts day fan then it’s not that big of a day, but I hope it’s a good one whether you’re all for it or over it. Consider yourselves hugged and kissed from me to you. In other news it’s going to be a good valentines day for one of my sissies. I’ve been working with him and trying to help him get over his fears of being diapered and changed by a Daddy. Well he did some work on his own and has a date for Valentines day with a Mommy and Daddy couple close to where he lives. I couldn’t be more proud of the sweet sissy. Mommy Shirley
January 12, 2011

so cold

It is so very cold outside little babies. Do you know where Mommy has been hiding out? I've been wrapped up in my blankets in front of the heat. Yesterday I even decided it was time to get diapered. It's a feeling I haven't enjoyed much recently but I put one on yesterday. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow and I was covered in a disposable diaper and a thick warm blanket. I have to say, life was good. Mommy Shirley
December 4, 2010

All the Trimings

Made you think of Christmas, right? Well all my triminings dont come with glitter and lights, mine consist of a diaper bag full of diapers and all the essentials. The wipes, the baby lotion, the baby powder, the plastic panties, creamy desiten, and a cloth diaper just in case with cute pink lamb diaper pins, of course there are the baby items too a pacey, a bottle, a onezie, footies, a play toy and lots and lots of books for My Daddy to read to me so I can fall alseep all warm, cozy and safe in his lap. Happy Holiday’s. My kind of Triminings, Mandy 1 888 430 2010
October 15, 2010

Pajama Party!

Come to the Phoneamommy Slumber part at the PhoneAMommy Chat Room. It starts on Friday at 8pm Eastern and runs until 4am Eastern time. What happens there? Well you can chat with all of the mommies,dl girls, sitters, grannies, and Daddies who may come and see who would be perfect for you to talk with and play with. Any calls made at the Slumber Party during the hours are $1.69 a min. so that’s $0.30 off a min.. Bring your jammies, diapers, stuffed animals, and anything you like and join us. Mommy Scarlet
September 17, 2010

adult diaper changes

People who aren’t familiar with abdl ask me about adult diaper changes a lot. They ask what it’s like to change an adult’s diaper. I try to explain it and describe it but unless you have done it you don’t quite understand. If you don’t like it, then I suppose you get it even less. I remember the first adult diaper change I gave though. My abie was so nervous that I wasn’t going to like cleaning and changing him. Poor thing was nervous and excited and just not sure what to think. Do you remember your first diaper change as an adult? Mommy Scarlet