June 7, 2019
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Sweet Giantess Mommy

What abdl wouldn’t want a giantess mommy, a woman large enough to hold you and coddle you as if you were just a child, a little baby? She would cradle you in her arms while pulling you up towards her breasts, while they press down all along your body, your hands squeezing and stroking her warm flesh with her nipple fills your mouth.  Her hands would rub down your back, her fingers running through your hair while you breastfeed from your Mommy!  Milk will fill your mouth as you suckle, your body swaying back and forth while you’re rocked against your abdl mommy.  Your thick diaper will crinkly between your thighs, and even while you’re getting a tummy full of milk you can be wetting in that diaper!  You will be so relaxed and comfortable that you will nod off to sleep in Mommy’s lap, waking up just a little when she lays you down in your crib.  How much would you love that? Call for your abdl phone sex so you can tell me just how much! Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #giantess #giantwoman #giantesssex #hornygiantess
December 4, 2010

I think this is a great photo, captured and taken by a million tiny beauties. I think this would be a popular fantasy. The feel of all those tiny little feet on you, thousands of tongues licking your cock. My panties are all wet. Cum escape with me Lauren 1 888 430 2010
March 26, 2010

Super Mommies

Once we found a safe place to land on this strange planet, the first thing the Mommies needed to do was get the Babies changed. The Mommies all had Incredible Strength as did the Babies. As they stepped out onto the surface, they saw a lake near by. Perfect they thought, a great place for them to play, surrounded by little toys while us Mommies enjoy the sun before we get to work. As the babies waddled towards the lake, their full leaking diapers sagged while some of the leakage splattered the native creatures trapping them like quicksand. Their powerful feet pounded the surface tossing the miniature humans high into the sky in all directions and the babies laughed as they bounced back off the surface like a ball. The babies feet left enormous craters in their wake flattening the tiny people underneath them. Like Sci-fi Fantasies? I know my Big Baby does so this one is for you and anyone else who enjoys them! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010