January 3, 2016

Learning to Diaper pt 1

It’s a New Year and there is no time like the present to decide to give in to your desires and go out and buy those diapers. Be that adult baby that you have always fantasized about being. Why not? No one ever has to know. Or if you want to call “your mommy Tawny” and enlist my help I will go out and buy them for you. We can even go together and I will help you in anything you need help with.  Now when I get back with them I will help you to put them on correctly. Just find a cozy place to lay down, one where when you naked bootie is waiting for mommy to clean you up, you will be safe from falling and the surface will be warm enough that you will not get to cold waiting for me to have things ready for your diapering. To be Continued~ or Call Tawny and we can have mommy baby time. (888)430-2010
December 30, 2015

My Adult Baby Made a Poopie

What is that I smell? (Sniff). Did my Adult Baby make a poopie? I peek into your diaper and see that the smell is coming from you. Someone has made a big stinky in their diaper and now Mommy must change you. I pick you up and bring you to your changing table that is painted white and covered with a teddy bear bumper so you don’t hurt yourself. Mommy grabs everything needed for your diaper change. I grab the warmer holding the baby wipes. I keep the wipes in there so I don’t use a cold one on your tushy. I grab the diaper rash cream and the baby powder. Lastly I grab a diaper with pink and blue teddy bears all over it. Then I put everything near you for changing. Now we’re ready. You feel Mommy pull open the left tab of the diaper and then the right tab. I open your diaper and EEEW! you are covered in poopie. I lift your legs with one hand and use the other hand to use some of the diaper to wipe off the extra poopie. I then start grabbing wipes and cleaning you. You feel the warm wipe cleaning your tushy. Another warm wipe cleaning the other cheek. And a third one cleaning your sack and your itty bitty fireman. Once you are all clean, Mommy lays a fresh diaper under you and grabs the diaper rash cream and places just a little bit on you. I then sprinkle the baby powder on your tushy and your fireman which makes you giggle. I then put your legs down and pull the diaper up in between your legs. You then see me pull open the left tab and push it down and then the right tab and push that down, closing your freshly clean diaper. Last, but not least, your ABDL Mommy blows a raspberry on your belly and makes you laugh and squirm. I then pick you up and bring you back to your toys to play. Hugs & Snuggles, Mommy Susan 888-430-2010