August 23, 2012

Punished by Mommy: For your Own Good

Oh honey, what is Mommy Lexus going to do with you?  Here we are, in the middle of the mall, and you go and piss your pants, making a puddle in the middle of the floor.  I am so disappointed in you right now (and more than just a tad upset and angry)!  It seems I have no choice but to put you in diapers – after cleaning you up first of course.  Now now, stop your fussing.  Yes, I’m going to clean and diaper you here on the bench – it’s for your own good.  You can turn as red as you like, I’m not changing my position on this…only your diaper. Now that you have a nice thick, very crinkly diaper on, I’m going to treat you like the baby you are, not the grown up man that you’re pretending to be! That includes you drinking out of a baby ba-ba and sucking on a binky, and yes, it means more diaper changes as well. Mommy Lexus can be a very nurturing Mommy; all I want is the very best for my baby boy, so if I have to punish you, it’s only for your own good! Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
April 18, 2012

Obey your ABDL Mommy…Or Else…

Now normally, my little adult abie is well behaved, says please and thank you, and minds his manners, as well as his AB Mommy.  But from time to time, my normally sweet and loving abie gets a little too big for his britches, or in this case, his diapers, and decides that he is going to talk back to mommy or *gasp* disobey.   Now I don’t know about how your Mommy handles an aby when they get out of hand, but this mommy is a no-nonsense, firm disciplinarian, take-you-over-my-knee-and-spank-you-till-I-break-your-will kinda gal. All that stuff about spare the rod, spoil the child?  I am a card carrying, paddle wielding, lifetime member of the club!  Not only will I use the rod, but I will use it with vigor and precision, as well as what ever else might be handy – paddle, hair brush, wooden spoon, spatula…well, you get the idea.  I will not allow any aby of mine to act in such a manner other than being the perfect little mommy’s boy.     Any questions?  Doubt me?  I think someone is in need of a “hands on” demonstration.   Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010