A shower man, he is standing while taking a shower and bathing.
Mommy Tawny’s Enema Play With ABDL Tony
January 2, 2021
He is a standing adult Sissy Baby boy and is sporting a pink bra and underwear for the photo session.
Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s Sissy Heidi
January 17, 2021

abdl baby

While traveling on a road trip with my girlfriends and my sissy adult baby diaper lover to a cabin in the woods we pulled over to a nice clearing in a park to stretch our legs and get some well needed fresh air.  Today was the first day that my girlfriends met my sissy adult baby and they were happy to meet her since I talked about her quite frequently with them over the phone. They heard me tell them a lot of abdl stories about my submissive and seeing her in real life while she was all dressed in her pretty pink dress was a sight to see. Not only did she look like a biological female but she had the round hips and soft bottom like one as well.

We all were cooped up in the car for hours and we needed to take a break from the driving. We walked into the clearing which had scattered trees around accompanied by a lake with a few ducks waddling by – the view and the area was perfect.  We all chose to sit on the grass and soak in the beauty of the surroundings and then it happened. My sissy adult baby diaper lover without warning stated passing gas in front of my girlfriends. I looked at her and she put her head down in embarrassment as she apologized profusely while my girlfriends snickered and chuckled under their breaths.  A few minutes later the flatulence was accompanied by loud wet poopy noises and I decided that I was going to expose her in front of my girlfriends and change her diaper.

I took the diaper bag that I had with me and opened it.  She was mortified that I started opening the diaper because we were not private, she was sitting here with me amongst my closest girlfriends. I told her that she is going to be changed and she hesitated to move closer towards me because she would be ogled and watched and there would be nothing that she could do about it.  She also wanted to hold on to the fact that no one but me and her knew about her micro-penis.  All of the hidden secrets would now be out in the open and she would be further exposed.

I demanded that she lay on the grass so I could remove and discard her pink dirty diaper and unwillingly she did.  I made my girlfriends hold each leg as they separated them I removed her diaper.  It was filled to capacity with slushy brown fecal matter and the stench was akin to rotten meat.  We all held our noses in disgust while asking her what she ate that made her feces stink so much.  She was flushed and red in the face and she was too ashamed to answer.  After placing the filthy diaper in a plastic bag, I noticed that my girlfriends were laughing hysterically because they did not see a penis.  They saw a bunch of feces on where her penis should be but no penis sticking out.

After removing her feces with wipes, her partially erect penis was revealed.  They teased her about the size of her genitals and the more they talked about it the more erect she would get then she came.  She was a sissy who I required had to listen to sissy baby hypnosis daily to train the current state of mind to be more feminine than masculine.  While laughing profusely about my sissy’s small cock they all declared it a clitoris which made my sissy smile. They asked to take photos of it which I authorized and took photos of it before I changed her.  Then I powdered her up and placed her in a fresh pink princess diaper and she thanked me for changing her and she sat there quietly for the remainder of our time in the clearing. Eventually we all got up and went back in the car to resume our trip and when we arrived at our cabin an hour later, she had messed herself again and prepared herself for another diaper change which will entail a great dose of abdl humiliation.



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