July 21, 2015

Caught you smelling mommies panties

So Sabrina‘s little sissy bitch likes to smell panties huh?  Do they smell like you expected them too ?  You must want Sabrina to humiliate you and dress you like the cuckold you have always wanted to be.   Do you want to dress in women’s clothes and taken out for all to see?  Sabrina will dress you up and invite all your friends over so they can laugh at you.  You need to make your mind up and figure out if you want to be my adult baby or my submissive.  Do you want me to humiliate you as a sissy cuckold or do you want to be loved like my adult baby?  Sabrina 1*888*430*2010  
February 15, 2012

The Day my ABDL Mommy made me into her Cuckold Sissy Baby.

ABDL Mommy Sara was so very excited she woke up early and spent the whole day primping herself, she took an extra long bubble bath while humming a happy tune. Her Abie overheard her and came running down stairs to see what all the excitement was. “Mommy! Mommy!” He exclaimed, “Happy Valentines Day, Mommy!” She happily turned around and warmly welcomed him into her arms. “Good morning my sweet abie. Happy Valentine’s Day too you too love.” She pointed to a glittery wrapped package over on the coffee table. Her adult baby excitedly hurried over to open it. As he kneeled on the floor and opened the package he noticed his ABDL Mommy somewhat distracted she was busily massaging lotion up and down her long luscious legs. He began to tear a little slower, gazing at her with curiosity “mom?” he called to her in a throated meek voice. She paid no mind to him so he again called her name a little louder this time “Mom?” he eagerly awaited her response. “Yes, dear” she smiled while still caressing her legs. “Is something going on?” he asked quietly. “Oh, sweet cheeks, Mommy has a date this evening, it has been a very long time for your AB Mommy, and so I guess I am a bit excited” she giggled. “A DATE? A Date with whom? Mommy!!!?” he pouted. He still hadn’t open his present yet, just continued to play with the corner of the package nervously. He could feel tears begin to well up and his little heart began to pitter patter as his Mommy stood up and walked over to him laying her hand on his head and rubbing it dazedly “Yes, a date sweet pea, be happy for your Mommy, here come with me, want to help Mommy pick out something to wear?” She grabbed his hand and tugged him along into her room. He sat on her bed watching as she enthusiastically thumbed through her closet, his stomach feeling a little upset, he starred down at his bulky adult diaper and pulled the front of it out and looked in at his tiny penis, bending his head from side to side in bewilderment. He looked back up his Mommy and murmured her name, “Mommy, Mommy?” Mommy Sara 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402