April 5, 2012

Rubber pants lover

I have many phone friend’s that are so wonderful to to talk to and now I have a new friend I call him my rubber pants lover. He likes me to hear him moving in his rubber pants and he loves it when I talk about slipping my hand under them. He loves to slip them on and off while we are in a phone session. He also is way into diapers loves em can not get enough of them. We talk about how the smell of the soft plastic brings him back. How much he likes the sound of the tape on the sides and the cute little pictures that the company puts on the diapers. His most favorite thing to do is for me to slide on his rubber pants and walk in front of him topless. He starts to suckle at my nipples then he says he wants mommy’s milk. Mommy Crissy has enough to go round! Get a taste of my milk.. USA# 1*888*430*2010 international # 714*442*2402
March 18, 2009

Hugs good for you?

You better believe hugs are wonderful for you! Hugs are good for your heart, blood pressure and your overall health. And I mean they just feel good to give or to receive. Do you need a big ol bear hug? Mommy Lauren has a never ending supply for you. Much laughter always, xoxoxoxo Lauren 🙂