May 20, 2013

ABy Bath Time!

Guess what time it is? Its bath time! Hehehe, now don’t get all squirmy, I know you love bath time! Come on now, get in the bathroom, you’re not getting out of this, ‘cause if your mommy comes home and you’re still all stinky, I’m gonna get in trouble! Here, I got the tub all nice and warm for you and I put in some bubble bath. Go on now, hop in. See, doesn’t that feel good? You can play with your rubber ducky while I use this nice wash cloth to scrub you all over. I have to make sure I wash your peepee and your bottom real good too hehehe. Lets make sure that little hole is squeaky clean! And after bath time I’ll rub your extra special ABy lotion all over and leave you nice and soft. If you’re a good boy then before I close up your diaper I’ll give you a special bed time peepee rub too. Bath time’s not so bad, now is it? xoxo Samantha 888.430.2010
August 26, 2012

Bath Time

I know some ABies don’t like bath time. They kick and cry and try to fight to stay out of the bath tub. But not me! I love my bath time because Daddy makes it so much fun! He knows that I like to play with my ducky and splash around. When its time for a bath, Daddy takes me into my room and he gets me out of my clothes and dumps my old diaper in the basket. Daddy picks me up and I wrap my legs around him so he can carry me to the bathroom, his hands caressing my bare bottom. In the bathroom, Daddy already has the bath tub all full of nice hot water and he puts in my favorite bubble bath that smells like sweet flowers. He gently sets me down inside the tub and hands me my ducky. While I make duck swim and splash around, Daddy massages shampoo onto my hair. He uses a cup to rinse it out gently, making sure he doesn’t pull my hair, or get any soap in my eyes. Then with a wash cloth, Daddy scrubs my body all over making me nice and clean. He is extra gentle and careful when he cleans between my legs, using just his fingers to massage the soap between my little lips. That’s my very favorite part of bath time, when Daddy cleans me there! After one more rinse all over, Daddy scoops me out of the tub into a warm fluffy towel. He dries me off and lays me down and rubs lotion allll over. That might be my second favorite part! I love when Daddy’s hands are all over me and touching so soft. It makes me feel so special! And when my skin is nice and fresh after a bath Daddy gives me kisses all over! He really likes to kiss between my legs after a bath… I like it too!! Wanna play with me during bath time? Lacy 1.888.430.2010
August 5, 2011

Bath Time Abies

Some little water babies like the bath. They splash around and make a mess but they don’t mind when it’s time to wash up. Nanny lathers the soap in her hands and then lathers up her slippery water tot. There are so many precious little parts, so many little cracks and crevices to get into and keep smooth and soft. Some little ones are not as easy to keep clean. Sometimes Nanny has to wonder how one little person can bring home so much sand from the beach, or gravel from the play ground. As if that wasn’t enough, the little brats fight about getting in the tub, and washing is another battle altogether. It tries my nerves, that’s for sure, but there’s something I know that they don’t–something that you learn with age: some things are inevitable. Just as you got dirty, you will get clean, and Nanny always gets her way. Don’t want soap in your eyes? Hold still. Don’t want Nanny to have to lather and scrub and rinse and lather and scrub and rinse again? Don’t go rolling around in the sandbox; and when you do get out of the sandbox, do a little hokey pokey and shake it off! Then there are some little ones that are so naughty they have to be cleaned especially hard. Little boys with potty mouth get their mouths washed out with soap. And some little ones are so naughty they have to be bent right over the side of the tub to have a slick enema tube up their bottoms to clean them out good. How bad do you have to be for that? Do you really want to find out? Be sweet to Nanny and Nanny will be sweet to you. Naughty Nanny Ella 1-888-938-7382