Standing there is a cloth diaper fetish that appears hot and seductive.
His Wife Became His Mommy (part 1)
April 20, 2019
A sexy baby session There was a man wearing a diaper who was sitting on the bed.
Games With Mommy!
June 27, 2019
lactation fetish, giantess mommy, tiny man

What abdl wouldn’t want a giantess mommy, a woman large enough to hold you and coddle you as if you were just a child, a little baby? She would cradle you in her arms while pulling you up towards her breasts, while they press down all along your body, your hands squeezing and stroking her warm flesh with her nipple fills your mouth.  Her hands would rub down your back, her fingers running through your hair while you breastfeed from your Mommy!  Milk will fill your mouth as you suckle, your body swaying back and forth while you’re rocked against your abdl mommy.  Your thick diaper will crinkly between your thighs, and even while you’re getting a tummy full of milk you can be wetting in that diaper!  You will be so relaxed and comfortable that you will nod off to sleep in Mommy’s lap, waking up just a little when she lays you down in your crib.  How much would you love that? Call for your abdl phone sex so you can tell me just how much!



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