In addition to her bra and underwear, a sexy woman is resting in bed.
Come Get In Mommy’s Lap
January 16, 2022
Standing there in the pink diaper is a hot dude.
Soon You Will Be My Sissy
June 19, 2022




Mommy has lots of abdl stories she could share with you, but mommy’s choice for tonight is involving abdl humiliation.  And what is more so, than a grown adult being turned into a diaper baby.  A helpless little one that needs a mommy to take care of all their necessities.

Mommy takes you and strips you completely naked, no need for those type of clothes anymore.  As you stand there blushing and trying to cover yourself, your new mommy takes and leads you into the bathroom.  Mommy points at the toilet and tells you that you will no longer be using the big potty.  As you begin to ask why, mommy leads you back into the nursery.

Mommy takes you to the changing table and you see all the packages of diapers, baby wipes and containers of baby powder.  Mommy smiles as the realization dawns on you as to why you won’t be using the potty anymore.  Mommy lifts you up onto the changing table and tells you to lay back and stay still.

Then mommy bends your knees and spreads your thighs.  Mommy takes a cool baby wipe and starts to clean you up.  Lifting your bottom up to get those cheeks and in between them.  Then time to clean between those thighs and the front of baby.  Once baby has been wiped all down then mommy can slide a soft, thick diaper under that cute little butt.

And depending on mommy’s mood, a little sissy baby hypnosis might be in order.  Not only will you be my diaper baby, but you will be my pretty little diaper baby sissy girl.  And mommy can’t wait to show off her baby.  Mommy will have so much fun with her little one.

Once mommy has you all dressed and diapered, mommy will take you out for some ice cream for being such a good baby for mommy.  Everyone stares and watches as we walk past them, mommy holding your hand as you waddle next to mommy.  Your diaper peeking out as you move.

Everyone sees what a diaper baby you are.  Everyone is either pointing at you, whispering about you, laughing at you or taking pictures of you.  Your cheeks are almost the same color as your pretty little dress.  How cute!  Mommy giggles as she watches your wide-eyed reaction to everyone noticing you and your diaper.

You are the center of attention right now and you look so adorable.  Mommy just loves playing with you.  And mommy knows you are loving every second of it, embarrassment and all.  Mommy can see by the sparkle in your eyes that you enjoy being a diapered baby.

For more of mommy’s abdl stories or to become one of them yourself, call Mommy Candy anytime night or day and let mommy entertain you.  Mommy will regale you with tales that will make you wet with excitement.  Mommy just loves the thought of being responsible for you making a sticky creamy mess.  And all for mommy.

Mommy Candy



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