April 9, 2013

  Well look at you young man. Has abie been playing outside? Just look at the dirt all over your clothes! Well this will not do.. You need a bath mister. Next thing you know ABDL  Mommy is taking you upstairs and you’re both in the bathroom. She tells you to take off your dirty clothes and comes back in with a diaper and baby powder. She looks at your bare bottom giggling as she tells you to hop into the tub. You sit down on the cold porcelain as ABDL Mommy starts the bath getting the temperature just right. She reaches over and grabs the basket full of your toys and lets you choose a couple to play with. Which part should ABDL mommy wash first? Candy 888-430-2010
May 26, 2012

ABDL Diaper Change Phone Sex

Which ABDL Girl needs a Diaper Change? I DO!  Let’s face it, it’s no fun to change your diaper all by your lonesome all the time is it? Sometimes I even call one of the Fetish Mommies here to do it for me.  They laugh when I do and say things like, “Oh Cali!” lol I can’t help it, now I know they can’t do it for me in real life, but just having a soothing voice over the phone leading me through one, or them giving me directions and going into detail of how the wipes feel, and how the powder smells is nice. I don’t mind spending the money to do it either. And NO I do not get a discount because I work with them *pout*.   But once in awhile, I need someone else to do it.  A loving Daddy to call me and take care of me. I am after all just a lil ABDL baby girl, and I need guidance! Darn it!  Nothing takes the place of a Daddy’s hands on my tiny hiney as he cleans me up, then powers me, and puts a fresh from the dryer cloth diaper on, and then my pretty frilly panties over top!   If you would like to give me a Diaper Change, then please call me. It’s really warm out today, and I have been sorta naughty in my diapie, and I definitely need a change. *giggle* Your #1 Diaper Girl, Cali Smoohies! 888.420.2010  
February 21, 2011

adult diaper changes

I think that it’s getting to be that time again honey. It seems like someone needs their diaper changed soon. Now who could it be that needs their adult diapers changed? It’s you baby! Let’s make sure that we have all of the things we need to change that diaper. Baby, diaper, wipes,powder,ointment, mommy yes, I think we have it all. Now here in just a moment you’ll be clean and fresh won’t you? . Mommy Liz 1-888-430-2010 for erotic diaper changing