January 25, 2012

Latex Diaper

Well now, isn’t this quite interesting – a latex diaper.  Now for some, a pair of rubber pants to go over a soft, thick cloth diaper is a staple in your “special” arsenal.  Having a cloth diaper held in place with such a tight fitting garment ads to the over all experience in diaper wearing.  For them, simply wearing plastic pants/panties over a cloth diaper, or a disposable diaper for that matter, just doesn’t due a diaper justice.  Though both will generate and hold in a great deal of heat and wetness, a tight fitting rubber pant will give the added restriction that some are seeking over just a plastic pant per say. And of course there is the thickness of a rubber pant vs. a plastic panty.  It just feels so much more substantial and accentuates the fact that one is in a diaper.   But let’s say you want to take that feeling one step further – to have nothing between you and the rubber pants.  To feel the soft rubberized latex against your skin; the actual compression of the material as it encapsulates you; feeling it rub against you, being able to have that sensation magnified and intensified; having the latex diaper not only reflect your own body heat, producing a greenhouse effect, but keeping any added wetness within the confines of the latex.  And that, I think, is when a rubber pant becomes a latex diaper.   Feeling the latex both slip and stick to ones skin after one has tinkled and filled it, can be for some, let’s just say….climactic to say the least, LOL.  For those of you who share in this particular… “Fascination”, you know exactly what I am talking about ;).   So to all you rubber pants wearers out there, how about trying a latex diaper and mixing it up a bit (never know what you may be missing, hehehe)?   Gina 1*888*430*2010
January 28, 2009

New plastic panties!

I would love to have a pair of these plastic panties! A good friend of mine shared these with me, and I just cannot get over how cute they are! Love the silver and black with the teddy bears, they are just too adorable! I must remember when I speak to my dl again to ask where he found them. Not to mention, I want to know if he has a pair of his own he will show me. *giggles* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
September 16, 2008


Mmm could you just imagine slipping into a diaper, and then slipping into this suit of latex? Holding that diaper soooo snug against your body. The heat inside would be unreal. You couldn’t get out of it quickly even if you tried, so you’d have no choice but to wet yourself. Mmm wouldn’t that feel so good? Of course I’d never miss an opportunity to point and laugh at you either. 😉 CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010