August 2, 2015

Sissy Slut for Mommy

Being the sweet and loving ABDL mommy that I am, I really loving getting to play with sissy sluts! I have so many fun ideas to put my little sissy through. Do you have the desire in your heart to come to my nursery and let me take care of you? Sissification can be so much fun when you’re with me! Just put your trust in mommy, and I will show you all sorts of wonderful things! I’ve filled the closet in the nursery with so many dresses and shoes for me to put on you! More colors than you can imagine and of all sorts and styles! I’ll take you in and pick out something pretty for you to wear, change your wet diaper and put a pair of plastic pants on you! I can’t wait to make you my good little sissy! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
September 11, 2012

lingere babe, diapermommy

I am a vivacious lingere babe as well as a diapermommy and from time to time I get to have friends over when my adult baby is down for his nap. On this night my friends were over for a passion party and they were all trying on some gorgeous new lingere. They left the living room to go to the big bedroom to change. Eva,Kara,Myka& Daija were all in the big bedroom undressing Myka has this dark red curly hair that falls past her shoulders and down her back ,Daija has very beautiful big breasts with hard nipples Kara had long sexy legs &Eva has a gorgeous fit body & I walked by and caught my sneaky little ab son, watching them all taking their clothes off with his hand down his diaper and the girls were then slipping into sexy sheer lingere. I walked quietly up behind the little peeper,grabbed him by his ear, took him into the living room sat him down and made him take his diaper off in front of a room full of my lingere clad friends. One of them said “I can hardly see his little peepee it looked like it was a pinkie finger all short and pathetic.” Eva looked at him and laughed sweetly and pointed “naughty boy that is what you get for sneaking around watching us!” Bad little abie I thought. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
October 20, 2011

Petticoat Discipline : The ROYAL Treatment

DEAR READERS, MY LYRICS WRITTEN BELOW, ARE TO BE SUNG TO THE TUNE OF THE LULLABY ENTITLED “HUSH LITTLE BABY” **************** Hush prissy sissy, don’t say a word, Mo-mmys sick of you act-ing ab-surd… If you’re whin-ing does not stop, Go-nna pin you down and jump on top… If you still keep sa-ssin’ me, Mo-mmys go-nna throw a-way the key… To your hand-cuffs locked up tight, Give in si-ssy you can’t fight… First you will be cor-set-ed, Your tu-mmy will be sucked in.. That’s too bad if you can’t breathe, Guess you should start min-ding me… Act like you are roy-al-ty, Now you’ll dress like it, you see… In Mar-ie An-toi-nette’s dress, And wig, what fab-u-lous-ness! Make you strut your stuff just like, You’re queen of Pa-lace Ver-sailles! You’ve had it co-ming you see, For acting pri-ssy and mean… When you treat me like that slut, Your mouth will then be forced shut.. Pe-tti-coat disc-i-pline works, It corr-ects be-ha-vior quirks… When you’re laughed at, oh so rude, It co-rrects your a-tti-tude… Next comes that which makes me purr, I tear your a-dult dia-per… Then I stick my head un-der, Your dress and you start to sqirm… It turns Mo-mmy on real quick, Play-ing with your sissy dick… Forced to cum deep in my throat, You feel shamed, that floats my boat! Love hu-mi-li-a-ting you, E-ven when you cry, boo hoo 🙁 Per-haps you will act hum-ble, For a while, till you crum-ble… Un-til the time comes soon when, We must do this all again… Till you learn your le-sson son, Mo-mmy will keep having fun;) *************************** With Love To All My Naughty Sissies! *************************** XOXO, Miss Cate 1-888-430-2010
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