July 18, 2015

Seeking Scat Slave

If its scat phone sex you crave…Then I’m the Mistress of your dreams! What do you think you’re doing mutt? Get back in your cage right now. Ew, is that shit? I took you out last night and yet you still shit in your cage. This isn’t going to do. Up. Now. Let me see your collar. I clasp your leash onto the collar yanking you to my side. I grab a plastic bag as I begin to scoop up the shit but instead of tossing it I walk towards the front door, tugging you along with me. You stop in the doorway whining. Oh what? You’re embarrassed to go outside naked? Dogs don’t wear clothes and you certainly are no man to me. I drag you into the front yard and unfold the plastic bag, watching the shit splat into the grass. I point my finger at the pile and yell EAT IT! Before reaching down to rub your nose in it. You are a filthy fucking dog and you are going to eat that shit like the nasty little heathen you are. What are you waiting for? Call me for unlimited scat play!