October 15, 2016

Look At My Naughty Husband!

What is this? Did you think I wouldn’t find out that you loved wearing Adult diapers? Are you kidding me, you little fucking baby! I always knew you wasn’t a man, and after seeing this I know you are definitely not one!What am I going to do with you? Well, first I want you to take off all of your clothes, and take all of the ones out of the closet!Now I want you to cut them all up! Don’t give me that face! And I am no longer your wife I am now your ABDL Mommy!After you’re done cutting up your clothes I want you to lay on the bed! If you try to fight me on this I will give you 85 swats on your behind understand me ? Good now lift up your legs! SWAT! What did I just tell you? Good now don’t you startcrying, take this pacifier and start sucking on it. Good little baby! Now slide into these blue short’s and blue shirt.  Don’t youlook adorable! Now you wanna know where we are going? Call me for some ABDL Phone Sex!Tawny888-430-2010Or Click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy!#dommemommy #forceddiapering #adultbaby
September 9, 2016

Diaper Punishment

So how far do you think is too far when it comes to diaper punishment phone sex? I know every adult baby and diaper lover out there are unique and have their own set of limits and kinks and this Dommy Mommy wants to know what they are! Me personally with the experiences I’ve had with all my submissive diaper lovers, adult babies, and sissy babies, I can say that the most popular form of diaper punishment phone sex is taking an adult and turning them into my adult baby. Maybe they started off as a bed wetter or just have poor control of their bladder in general. All I know is that’s my most popular fantasy phone sex role play. Some of my abdls also like to be naughty and take off their diapers so I’ll just make them stay in a messy one for the whole night! Diaper domination phone sex is the best! Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaper punishment #diaperlover #diapersex  
July 24, 2016

Adult Baby Phone Sex Mommy Crissy

Do you need a nice abdl phone sex mommy to pamper you and take care of all your adult baby needs? Well look no further because I want to be the sweet loving nurturing adult baby phone sex mommy you’ve been looking for all along! Do you need a mommy to talk to about your favorite diapers? Maybe about how much you love your teddy bear Bambinos or maybe how you messed them and you need a mommy to change you? You’ll never have to worry about any of those grown up things when you’re with your mommy because i want to take care of you in any way shape or form I possibly can! Mommy will even get naughty with her adult baby if he or she wishes to do so! There are no limits with diaper lover phone sex! Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #abdlmommysex #diapersex #diaperloverphonesex
June 26, 2016

Diaper Domination

“I’m sorry officer. I had no idea I was going that fast. Is there anything I can do? I just really don’t want a ticket. I have a clean record and I would like to keep it that way.” The officer looks around. “Hmm..there is one thing you can do for me.” I eagerly reply, “Oh thank you! Just name it.” He replies, “Wait just right here. Don’t go anywhere.” He returns with an abdl-diaper and handcuffs and tells me to strip and only leave the abdl diaper on and get in the backseat. He tells me that I’m going to be his perfect abdl-baby and I’m going to do everything he says. I nod my head and go to the backseat with only the diaper on. He handcuffs me to the backseat door and tells me to pee in my diaper. He then tells me to rub the warm pee all around my clit and play with myself through the front of the diaper. Liz 888-938-7382 #abdl #abdldiaper #diaperdomination Click here to chat wit phone sex mommy Liz! Save
May 26, 2016

Playing in Poopy

Ewww! What in the world is that smell?? An experienced ABDL mommy like me always knows when there is a full and sagging diaper in the house. Following that stench leads me around the back of the couch where you are waddling around with that saggy bulge in between your legs, rocking back and forth with every single step that you take! Silly baby.. Is all of that waddling really worth avoiding mommy? Of course, such offenses cannot go unpunished. I think that it is time for you to show mommy just how much you love your poopy diapers. Slide your hand in there and I want to hear you squishing it around in your fingers. I want you to rub it all over yourself inside of that diaper. I know that there is plenty to go around! Mind your mother next time! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010 #abdl #scatplay #phonesex Come chat with the phone sex mommies!
February 7, 2016

Mommy Phone Sex

Awww… Are you feeling strange today? I always get adult babies who call me up with so many questions about all of the different feelings they are having. Most of those confusing feelings are directed towards their sexy mommy. Of course, I understand these feelings and I hold them close while I explain what is happening to their little bodies. My diaper lovers tend to be more bold about the way that they look at me, and they often have me come into their room for a diaper change and for mommy to take her hand and rub in between their legs from outside of that diaper. There is always a big mess when I am done with them! If you need to just be held and kissed by someone sweet, you will surely enjoy getting into some abdl mommy phone sex with Barb! I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
February 1, 2016

Diaper Lover Chronicles

Don’t get me wrong.  I love all of my abdl-babies but some calls just happen to be a little bit more memorable than others. This one guy I had met for the first time, he was a diaper lover (a favorite of mine in the abdl-community) and was wearing a plastic diaper when he called. We both loved diaper sex so we role played that I caught him jacking off in his diaper. Immediately after I burst in on him, he became shy and embarrassed but I told him that I liked watching him masturbate in his diaper. I rubbed the front of his diaper to create the hard-on that was once there. He immediately started getting hard again. He then took charge and started jacking himself off again in his diaper while I played with myself watching him. I told him to jack it off faster and that I wanted to hear it. He put the phone near his diaper so that I could hear his diaper make the crinkling sound faster and faster until he came. Liz 888-938-7382
January 17, 2016

Open to all ABDLs

This loving abdl mommy has so much love and care to offer anyone who has diapers on their mind! I have lots of experience getting to take care of so many sweet adult babies. Of course, they require a lot of attention and affection to make sure that they have a wonderful and happy life. It is a mommy’s job to always tend to her little ones and I keep that in mind every single day! I have a nursery with everything that an adult baby could want or need and I do not hesitate to bring home anything that might be missing when needed. I also get to do diaper changes for many diaper lovers. This is always a wonderful and intimate experience because although they are more independent than my adult babies, they still need their mommy to change them. And I absolutely love it! I would not trade it for the world. XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010