September 9, 2018

Dumb Diaper Princess

My, my, just look at what we have here! A sweet adult baby girl all dolled up and double diapered in a thick layer of pink crinklyness. And after all of that lovely abdl hypnosis play, our little sweetie here is just totally regressed! Isn’t that right, princess? Haha although she may look like a grown man in a thick disposable adult baby diaper, what you’re looking at is adult baby Mommy‘s diaper princess, abdl regression complete and only able to babble at her dommy mommy and mess her diaper pants. Aww, baby girl is doing a sissy baby potty dance now! She really is totally reliant on her diapees, no big girl potty for this baby girl! Pee-uuuu!!! That messy diaper sure does stink, its a good thing mommy is here to change you, diaper princess! Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy 1-888-430-2010 XOXO Mommy Jackie #dommymommy #diaperhumiliation #abdl #phonesex
June 23, 2018

Baby’s Little Paci

When you first called me, posing and pretending to be a real ‘macho man’ looking for domination phone sex, it was a little adorable, sugar. You see, despite your best efforts we both know what you really are, don’t we? That after your wife is asleep at night, you can’t help but look for forced regression porn while you wank that little peanut you call a penis. Aww is that bottom lip of yours trembling now? Haha you really are a whiny adult baby who needs a strict abdl mommy to strip you down and remold you into the helpless little thing you deserve the rest of the world to see. I mean, that itty bitty baby cock isn’t getting any bigger, and you certainly seem to pout and whine like a baby. Let’s call it what it really is, your little pacifier! Like I said, I knew from the first moment you called that what you really needed was adult baby regression phone sex, no matter how you tried to pretend to be a big boy. Mommy Jackie is here for you, baby. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010 #mommydomme #regression #porn
March 26, 2018

Diaper Cummies

  Mommy’s little baby boy woke up this morning with a funny tickle in his wittle bitty pee pee. Wriggling around his crib on his belly, baby boy starts to rub his crinkly adult baby diaper against the softness of his crib. Ooo, what is this feeling welling up inside your little self? Mommy is watching from the doorway as her little stinker rubs and wriggles all over his crib, his diapered bottom waving in the air. Baby’s pee pee feels good like that, but even better when Mommy comes over to help you. Picking you up from the crib, I cuddle and rub my sweet baby, milking every last drop of baby’s cummies into your cozy diaper. Doesn’t that feel nice? Having your sweet adult baby mommy playing with your little pee pee is just what you need, isn’t it? XOXO Mommy Jackie Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010 #abdl #diaperlover #porn #femdom
December 30, 2015

My Adult Baby Made a Poopie

What is that I smell? (Sniff). Did my Adult Baby make a poopie? I peek into your diaper and see that the smell is coming from you. Someone has made a big stinky in their diaper and now Mommy must change you. I pick you up and bring you to your changing table that is painted white and covered with a teddy bear bumper so you don’t hurt yourself. Mommy grabs everything needed for your diaper change. I grab the warmer holding the baby wipes. I keep the wipes in there so I don’t use a cold one on your tushy. I grab the diaper rash cream and the baby powder. Lastly I grab a diaper with pink and blue teddy bears all over it. Then I put everything near you for changing. Now we’re ready. You feel Mommy pull open the left tab of the diaper and then the right tab. I open your diaper and EEEW! you are covered in poopie. I lift your legs with one hand and use the other hand to use some of the diaper to wipe off the extra poopie. I then start grabbing wipes and cleaning you. You feel the warm wipe cleaning your tushy. Another warm wipe cleaning the other cheek. And a third one cleaning your sack and your itty bitty fireman. Once you are all clean, Mommy lays a fresh diaper under you and grabs the diaper rash cream and places just a little bit on you. I then sprinkle the baby powder on your tushy and your fireman which makes you giggle. I then put your legs down and pull the diaper up in between your legs. You then see me pull open the left tab and push it down and then the right tab and push that down, closing your freshly clean diaper. Last, but not least, your ABDL Mommy blows a raspberry on your belly and makes you laugh and squirm. I then pick you up and bring you back to your toys to play. Hugs & Snuggles, Mommy Susan 888-430-2010
December 10, 2015

Holiday Present For Diaper Lovers

For those that celebrate Christmas, this can be a very exciting time. What’s not to love about a decorated tree, strings of shiny bright lights, and getting to sit in Santa’s lap? He knows if your name is on the ‘naughty or nice’ list, so you should be on your best behavior if you want lots of presents! Indulging in fun diaper fetishes doesn’t put you on the ‘naughty’ list, just so you know.  Wouldn’t boxes of diapers under the Christmas tree be an exciting surprise? Maybe handmade cloth diapers, lovingly stitched by Mommy. Or thick disposable diapers with cute prints! Why stop at diapers though? A stocking by the chimney is the perfect place for Santa to leave pacifiers, teething rings, or small cookies for good abies to chew on! Mommy would help you enjoy your presents by changing you into a new diaper and letting you look in the mirror at how nicely it fits on you. Maybe your kinky Mommy would get presents of her own that you could help her play with.   Call Mommy Lauren at 888*938*7382 for phone fun!
November 28, 2015

Forever a Baby

Your wife has been getting on your case again about wanting a baby. You keep telling her that it won’t be happening any time soon. They cost so much money and you work too much as it is. She pouts and glares but your mind is set. One day you come home late from a company happy hour. Your wife wants you to sit down and listen to what she has to say. She doesn’t care what your opinion is- she wants a baby. Right now! She straps a bonnet on your head and shoves a pacifier in your mouth. She’s thrown away all your expensive suits and replaced them with towers of disposable adult diapers and fuzzy onesies. No more ‘man cave’ either. She’s redecorated the den into a proper nursery. The walls are freshly painted in pastel colors and a huge crib sits in the middle of the room. You’re going to be her big adult baby– forever! Call Mommy Lauren at 888*938*7382
November 20, 2015

Nanny Ella is waiting in her ABDL Nursery!

Well hello my lovely little bABies and Diaper Lovers! I am so excited to see you again. Nanny Ella has been away for a little bit, and now I’m back to play! I love to role play with AB/DL on Come visit my nursery; we’ll have so much fun together! Nanny Ella’s nursery has everything an adult baby could ever want – an adult size changing table with wet wipe heater and stocked with both disposable and cloth diapers (oh do I love adding extra inserts to make your bottom super padded); an adult size high chair with harness to keep all my ABDL safe and secure; there is a rocking chair big enough for both of us for cuddling and story time…and for over the knee spankings when you are naughty! And how could I forget my adult baby size locking crib, so bABies will be safe and secure…and sometimes punished. I am so excited to introduce you to my nursery, and I hope you will visit. You can see more about the type of fun we can have; just see my profile at Or call your soon-to-be-favorite ABDL nanny today – 888-430-2010.
November 12, 2015

Diaper Phone Sex

It’s a fetish that started a long time ago.  You have explored wearing a disposable diaper in all types of different scenarios- lounging around the house, going on a long car ride, sneakily while sitting at your desk at work. These situations are all fun but you want more. Recently you were alone at home, wearing a diaper, and playing around on your computer. An accidental click brought you to a porn website, and the feeling of the cushioned diaper against your erect cock was amazing. You couldn’t get your hands down into the diaper to properly masturbate so you rocked back and forth, letting the friction of your naked skin against the soft lining of the diaper bring you to climax. You can’t remember a time when you were as aroused as that moment! The perk of the diaper was there was nothing to clean up, just a quick change. It’s time to step it up a notch. A nurturing and sexy mommy is waiting besides her phone, wanting to help you enjoy your fetish to the fullest. Call Mommy Lauren at 888*938*7382