A gorgeous diaper is displayed in the packaging, and it has a soft, sensuous appearance.
Mommy’s New abdl Baby Girl
July 24, 2021
A handsome man is showing her sexy diaper while wearing the diaper and sporting a tattoo. For the photo session, he is standing.
Granny Minnie Loves Putting Panzy in His Pretty Pamper
September 13, 2021

diaper lover

I just can’t help it, I am just so horny.  I tried to take a cold shower and do back in my diaper but for some reason every time I suck my pacifier it makes my pussy so wet in my diaper. I love diapers because I am an abdl girl with a diaper fetish that I made a part of my lifestyle. So, I figured that I would try something new, something that I never tried before and that is to put the pacifier on my clit.  It tried it by slipping it in inside of my diaper and it made my little clitty jump. I rubbed it over and over again and the more I did the more the diaper started getting wetter and wetter.  I was confused because it looked like piss and it smelled like piss and I wanted to see what was happening down there so I opened the diaper and lo and behold I saw myself squirt! I never did that before and it was the first time that I ever saw that happen to me just by rubbing my paci on my clitty.

I was so shocked and excited at the same time that I called up a girlfriend of mine and she asked me to video chat her and I did and she saw it.  She told me that I must be really horny because my pussy lips were swollen and my nipples were hard when I did it.  Then things took a different turn and she told me to push my finger inside of my pussy hole while she watched me on video and I did it.  It was so hot knowing that a friend who I have had for such a long time had never seem me naked before, but now she has seen my pussy in all of its glory – doing things that she never thought it would do.  She took a few screenshots as well of me playing with my pussy and told me that she is going to make one of the photos my new profile pic on her phone. I was so honored that she would do that for me; that she would like me playing with myself so much and how I looked that she would save a screenshot of me to her phone.

I wanted to reward her so  I invited her over. I told her that I would cook for her and give her anything that she wanted and needed and that was when she told me that she does not want me to prepare any food for her, unless the food was my pussy! I was so shocked that she said that and then she asked to change my diaper and I told her sure and she changed me and then after she diapered me she stuck her hand inside of my pussy and rubbed it til I came all over her hand and she licked her hand off clean. I wanted to return the favor, so I told her that I wanted to eat her out and she told me that she was on her cycle but she was wearing a tampon and that was when I told her I could eat her asshole instead and she spread open really wide and gave me her ass and I went to town on her ass and I ate it really good.

I have a lot more true abdl stories like this to tell you about, so if you have a diaper fetish and you are an abdl you need to call me right now so we can talk about it and even play too.

Diaper Anna


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