January 24, 2016

Mommy calls

When my adult bABy calls I try to be a good mommy and play whatever they want over the phone. Sometimes they might want me to read them a bedtime story?  Maybe they want me to play a game like peek a boo or hide and seek?  Sometimes they are just hungry and want me to feed them a bottle and some baby food? Other times they have a wet diaper that needs changing and I will change them into a nice clean fresh adult diaper. Then put on their footie pajama’s so they are nice and warm for bed. Then sometimes they just want to have special time with mommy and I am so happy to give their little dick a nice stroke or lick to help them cum. I always enjoy making all my adult bABies feel special. So give mommy Tawny a call and lets play your favorite game. Tawny (888) 430-2010
November 15, 2009

Come on baby it’s time for bed. Crawl into mommy’s lap with your favorite balnkie and let me tell you a story. In a land far away in another time and place there was a man. That man was very unhappy. He had to wear big boy clothes and go to a big boy job. This man didn’t like to have to be  big boy. One day he met a beautiful woman. This woman told the man that she is a witch and she could tell he was very unhappy. The witch told the man that she could do something that would make him very happy. The witch gave the man her address and told him to meet her there at midnight. The man thought this to be very strange but showed up anyways, arriving just minutes before midnight. When he got to the house, he saw there were lots of baby things around but the witch said she did not have any children…yet. When the clock struck midnight, the witch pulled out a small satchel. The satchel contained some kind of dust. The witch took a pinch of the dust and blew it towards the man. Soon the man began to feel funny. He looked into the mirror, he saw that he was shrinking… That is all for tonight my little one, you must get to sleep. Mommy will finish the story tomorrow night. ~Mommy Josie come meet mommy and friends