November 24, 2013

Such A Panty Slut

I can spot a panty slut from a mile away.  Weather their 8 or 68 you just cant wait for me to come home and change at the end of the day.  Am I right?  Panties worn for 16 hr workday are a panty whores favorite.  Just the right amount of piss and skidmarks mixed with vaginal discharge and if your lucky I locked my office door at lunch and fingered myself and came repeatedly…..mmm what a beautiful blend of flavors for my little sissy panty connoisseur… Janey 1 888 430-2010
November 24, 2013

Nummy Food With Mommy

Thanksgiving is just around the corner guys! Mountains of nummy food to go around for all my abdl phone sex lovers Isn’t that exciting? I remember when I was a youngster and every thanksgiving day I would wake up to the smell of turkey in the oven. My mom cooked it soo well. And now I get to cook it for you don’t I? When the time comes we are going to have the perfect dinner. And after that I think you need your diaper checked and you need to be in that tub too. Then I’ll dry you off, put on your jammies and then it’s off to bed for you! Candy sure knows the sweet side to diaper lover phone sex doesn’t she?   Candy 888*430*2010
November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving and Diapers

Is everyone excited about turkey day?  So much delicious food to taste and sample… and let’s face it, gorge upon.  Between all the traditional dishes (i.e. turkey, stuffing, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.) and all those new or special family recipes handed down from generation to generation, your stomach will have to stretch beyond its capacity.  And as always, what goes in, must come out.  Now the question is, will what comes out come out TOO easily or with great difficulty? And will there be a long line at the bathroom?  This is where wearing adult diapers comes in handy.   First off, you don’t have to be bothered with those pesky lines at the bathroom – you know it’s gonna be a while when Uncle Joe heads into the John with not just the newspaper, but two other magazines as well.   Secondly, if things below the belt are flowing […]
November 18, 2013

abdl stories

I have heard a lot of abdl storie’s. Adult baby enjoy’s his mommy milk sucking at her big round nipple. diaper lover want’s to hear mommy talk all about her first adventure wearing diaper’s. sissy baby want’s to be humiliated at the park wearing a short pink dress with puffy sleeve’s. diaper slave like’s to crinkle while he tinkle’s and have mommy describe how it make’s her feel watching him. I never get tired of hearing about all the different play time’s keep em coming my phone friend’s!   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
November 18, 2013

Mommy Has A Secret..

Mommy Janey has a dirty little secret…I love getting naughty with adult babies while changing their diapers.  Don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of and changing aby’s diapers and doing all those things that a mommy does for her aby.  I just love to do all that AND crossing that naughty line.  Without saying too much I think there’s so much fun mommy can have in aby’s diaper….aww look at how cute they are I know how much you like when mommy tickles your little balls…tickle tickle tickle does adult baby want mommy to rub some lotion on aby? Janey 888*430*2010
November 17, 2013

Get Your Checkup with Nurse Betty!

I have just been sooo busy getting all my little ABies their fall checkups! So many sweet little ones to take care of! I have to make sure that all their little bottoms are diaper rash free and they’re all feeling healthy and happy. Adult babies can be very fussy when it comes to getting a checkup with Nurse Betty, so I have to make sure that my little ones are at ease so I can take care of them properly. I find that it’s the little things that put my sweet ones at ease… a lollipop to lick, a teddy bear to cuddle, or even a nice cuddle from Nurse Betty. Just something that will help my little ABy relax and let me take good care of them. Now, I know some of you are still nervous about letting me give you a checkup, but just come have a […]
November 16, 2013

Is Your Pamper Wet?

Is your pamper wet? Want mommy to change it for you? I just love my adult babies, Imagine having me change your wet pamper, then breast feeding you while stroking your ‘widdle stiffie’ in your crinkly, sweet smelling pamper. But beware – if you’re really bad, Mommy will have to slide your pamper to the side and fill your naughty bum with her strap on while she makes you hump the pillow she placed underneath you. While your punishment is being administered, you will be expected to cream your pamper, proving to both you and I that your punishment is well deserved.   Let Mommy Scarlet give you a sexy, loving (or not so loving) abdl experience.   Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM:
November 13, 2013

Shopping with my abby

Abdl Mommy Candy is going out for you today. She’s going to Babies’ R Us to pick you out some brand new jammies and she’s taking you with her! Mommy thinks her cute little aby (adult baby) is finally big enough to choose your own pajamas. So I pick you up and take you out to the car. I open the back door and buckle you in your car seat and give you a teething ring to play with. Mommy gets in the front seat and starts driving to the store. You look around at all the cars and other sounds around you. I put in your mix tape in with all your favorite nursery rhymes and turn up the radio. When we get there Mommy takes you out of your car seat and places you in the shopping cart. “Okay! Time to find some jammies. What kind does aby […]