A fetish girl is standing on the ground and she has a seductive appearance.
Bad bad bABies
February 8, 2016
Standing there, covering her gorgeous boobs while looking hot and seductive, is a hot female.
Ava Loves ABDL
February 13, 2016

Lizabeth naked

I absolutely love to eat. I love trying new food. And I’m a sucker for sweets like cakes and cookies and chocolate. I also love sex but combining food and abdl-sex, is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever heard of. It’s like combining sweet with even sweeter. It’s liable to give you a toothache.

Just imagine your favorite sexual conquest with your abdl-lover and add a favorite foodie item in the mix. Like being tied up on the bed, normally if you like being dominated, is a fun task. Eating chocolate is a “fun task”. Now put them together. Being tied up on the bed, while your lover slowly pours chocolate sauce all over your naked body and licks it off…So much better right?! I’m pretty sure if you take your everyday sexual desires and add your favorite sweet to them (syrup, whipped cream, chocolate, icing etc.), it will become much more desirable. Go ahead and try it and tell me how it goes!




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