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Snuggle up!
January 5, 2016
Learning to diaper pt 3
January 10, 2016


As an ABDL Mommy, it is very important for me to take care of my babies. I love to take care of them in every aspect of their day. Whether it is, being a nurturing Mommy by spoon feeding them breakfast or breast feeding them a snack, a fun Mommy by blowing raspberries on their bellies and making them giggle, or a stern Mommy by giving them spankings and putting them in time out when they misbehave, there is no part of my day that I just don’t love. I do have to admit that there is one moment out of the day that I love the most. I count the hours down during my busy schedule until the best part of the day comes and I can bask in it. It is truly my favorite part of being a Mommy, and no it’s not the glass of wine I have after I put baby in the crib.

It’s the moment right before nap time. Right before a nap, Baby will crawl up on the couch and lay his head down on my lap. I place a pacifier in his mouth to suck on. As he sucks away, I use my long fingernails to gently comb back his hair and scratch his head. I do this repeatedly, gently across his scalp. He slowly drifts asleep in my lap and his adult pacifier falls out of his mouth, rolls off the couch, and hits the floor. I know I’ll have to wash it later, but I don’t care. I love hearing him breathe rhythmically as he naps away on my lap dreaming of whatever his innocent mind can dream of. That is my favorite part of the day, my favorite part of being his Mommy. It is the ultimate trust and love that I know he feels for me that lets him sleep away.


Mommy Susan


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