A beautiful area with lots of teddy bear toys is displayed.
Morning with Aby
December 2, 2015
A fetish diaper is displayed, and it matches the holiday season and has a soft appearance.
Come to the Nursery for your favorite Holiday movie and diaper changing!
December 5, 2015

There’s a special adult baby who’s birthday is coming up! How fun would it be to have a ab/dl of my own? I can imagine all the celebrating we would have!

Happy Birthday!

I would blow up colorful balloons and string them up in the nursery. Maybe even tape streamers to the walls! And what’s a birthday without cake? I would even make it myself. Lots of frosting and sprinkles, and candles. My baby would be sitting in their highchair when I come around with the big cake, and singing ‘happy birthday.’ I would let them try to blow out the candles, but I might be sneaky it they’re having trouble. There’s no way that my ab won’t make a mess with the cake. All that fluffy frosting and crumbly cake would go everywhere!

Presents wrapped in shiny paper with curls of ribbon are next up for the birthday baby. What could be in the boxes? Perhaps a big stuffed doggie. Or a kinky toy for mommy to use on bad babies!

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