There is a diaper show and seven distinct diaper shows.
Mommy Barbie Babysits
December 6, 2015
Onesie attire The man is standing in front of the photo shoot, and it was red in colour.
Sing -a-Long Time!
December 12, 2015

For those that celebrate Christmas, this can be a very exciting time. What’s not to love about a decorated tree, strings of shiny bright lights, and getting to sit in Santa’s lap? He knows if your name is on the ‘naughty or nice’ list, so you should be on your best behavior if you want lots of presents! Indulging in fun diaper fetishes doesn’t put you on the ‘naughty’ list, just so you know. 


Wouldn’t boxes of diapers under the Christmas tree be an exciting surprise? Maybe handmade cloth diapers, lovingly stitched by Mommy. Or thick disposable diapers with cute prints! Why stop at diapers though? A stocking by the chimney is the perfect place for Santa to leave pacifiers, teething rings, or small cookies for good abies to chew on!

Mommy would help you enjoy your presents by changing you into a new diaper and letting you look in the mirror at how nicely it fits on you. Maybe your kinky Mommy would get presents of her own that you could help her play with.


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