A sexy diaper can be seen in the image, and it is silky and attractive.
Bouncy Baby
December 6, 2015
There are displays of Christmas decorations, including teddy bears, Christmas hats, shoes, and other items.
Holiday Present For Diaper Lovers
December 10, 2015

I was called to babysit such a lovely little sissy boy weekend. Her mommy left and for a while we played games and watched movies, but eventually I noticed that his little clitty was getting hard in her diaper. I knew that if I wanted to be a good babysitter I would have to help her fix it. I told him to come to his changing table so that I could change his diaper. She got up on the changing table and I pushed up her little skirt up and un-taped his dirty diaper. I threw away his mess and wiped his little bum and clitty nice and clean, and rubbed on some lotion, and patted on some baby powder. Then I made sure to stroke his little clitty nice and long and hard until it wasn’t hard anymore. I could tell she was very thankful and she was very cooperative when I put her new diaper on. She fell asleep right away and napped until her mommy came home!


—Barbie <3


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