A baby boy is sitting on a sexy mommy's knee and pinching the baby's nipple as she reclines in bed.
My Favorite Part of Being An ABDL Mommy
January 9, 2016
A naked fetish woman is standing and striking an incredibly hot and sensual position.
ABDL Mommy for Babies Everywhere!
January 10, 2016

a98448_adult-baby_3-marci(Part 2) We then just bring up the front of the diaper and fasten each side tight enough to keep it from sliding down when you stand up. You certainly don’t want all of your hard work to just fall off in the floor at that point.  Now you are in your diaper and it is your choice if putting a second diaper on over the first would be best for you or maybe a pair of rubber pants over the diaper. If you think you may potty a lot I suggest either option. Now there doesn’t that feel so nice? It certainly isn’t going to hurt anyone that you as an adult have decided you want to wear diapers now is it? Wearing a diaper can be incredibly exciting and helpful in so many ways. If you follow this routine you should never have any problems getting them on. However if you would rather have a mommy help you I will always be happy to do so. Call Tawny (888)430-2010VG1001-085

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