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November 30, 2020
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Teaching My Naughty ABDL A Much Needed Lesson
December 26, 2020

abdl babyCharlie had been delivering my groceries for years and he always did an amazing job.  Hw was polite and sweet and whenever he was dehydrated I would sense it and offer him some water.  Today he had done a double shift for the holidays and he asked if he could use my bathroom.  I told him that it was okay and to take the hallway straight down to the right.  He thanked me and walked past me and i heard a crinkly sound and his pants looked quite padded and there was a wet stain on his pants. I did not know that he was an ABDL but he gave off so many clues that I was able to figure it out.

After he left the bathroom he quickly threw something in my garbage and then I informed him about the leak on the back of his pants.  He looked very embarrassed and I told me that he had a leak and now he has to wear just his pants alone with the stain on it. I told him, not to worry and that I have a washer and dryer in my basement in case he wanted to do a quick wash and dry.  He was happy to accept the offer and went to the basement.

While he was in the basement I took that opportunity to check my garbage and I was happy to see that my suspicions about him being an adult baby diaper lover was correct. In my hand was a soiled diaper that was green and white and had alpacas on it  and it was in his size.  I decided to put it back in the garbage and then I knocked on the basement door. He told me that he was not dressed and I told him that I don’t mind.

I walked down to the basement and Charlie was standing there with his hands covering his penis.  I did not say anything but I walked over to a closet and took out a crinkly diaper.  I said to him that this is a clean version of what he threw away in the garbage upstairs.  He was so embarrassed that his face immediately turned red and he was speechless.

I told him that if he looked to the right he would see a changing table and it is there for adult babies and he should get on it.  Terrified and nervous he sat on the table and I told him to remove his hands from his penis.  He removed his hands and I saw one of the smallest penises in the world and I told him that I like his little baby cock.  I wiped his itty bitty cock and balls then put lotion on his genitals.  His penis became erect and  sprinkled powder on it. I walked over to the closet and placed on him a clean version of the same green and white diaper with alpacas on it, that he threw in the garbage earlier and I diapered him right away.

He had a fresh diaper on and he felt so special.  I promised that his secret would not be shared by anyone and that it will be our little secret.  He thanked me and shared that he feels so complete now that he has an abdl mommy who will make sure to take care of him from now on.


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