She is seated for the photo session while wearing the white dress.
It’s nearly your Bedtime
June 26, 2016
A mature female She is standing in the bathroom while having her picture taken.
Guided Masturbation Phone Sex
July 17, 2016

“I’m sorry officer. I had no idea I was going that fast. Is there anything I can do? I just really don’t want a ticket. I have a clean record and I would like to keep it that way.” The officer looks around. “Hmm..there is one thing you can do for me.” I eagerly reply, “Oh thank you! Just name it.” He replies, “Wait just right here. Don’t go anywhere.” He returns with an abdl-diaper and handcuffs and tells me to strip and only leave the abdl diaper on and get in the backseat. He tells me that I’m going to be his perfect abdl-baby and I’m going to do everything he says. I nod my head and go to the backseat with only the diaper on. He handcuffs me to the backseat door and tells me to pee in my diaper. He then tells me to rub the warm pee all around my clit and play with myself through the front of the diaper.



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diaper domination


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