A sexy lad wearing a diaper is doing the backwards-turning stance.
Grannie Minnie Has Sexual Fun With Her Male and Female ABDLs
December 25, 2021
In addition to her bra and underwear, a sexy woman is resting in bed.
Come Get In Mommy’s Lap
January 16, 2022


I know that I have a major diaper fetish and  I have always fantasized about being a good little diaper sissy. For me the fun and excitement is not just about being controlled by a mommy or a mistress but the clothes are a big part of it all for me.  I first heard about abdl by hearing a friend of mine tell abdl stories over the phone. At first I pretended that I was not eavesdropping and listening to every single thing that was said, because I did not want to seem like a snoop, but I heard so many things over that phone that got my clitty cock so hard.

I would actually go into another room, close the door and place a cup up against the wall and my ear next to it to hear what was being said and before you know it, my hand was on my little shriveled up sissy worm fondling it. The more I heard about sissies being forced to wear diapers in person along with little baby doll dresses over it really turned me on.

And when I got my first adult diaper, I made sure that it was the most girly of diapers of them all; they had to be pink with either little ponies, princesses or mermaids on it.  The color pink really does something to me, it is a whole entire mood, it makes me know that I am a sissy and that will never change and I will have to be this way until the end.  I accept this as I am not going to fight who I really am.  I am a sissy and I am proud and I am not just any sissy, I am a beautiful diaper sissy!

When my mommy tells me to piss and piss some more, it does not matter that my diaper is full to capacity and cannot take anymore.  If piss runs down my legs because my diapers are not strong enough to bear the wrath of my ginormous piss then I deserve to stand there like a loser while everyone laughs at me as I hold my head down and wallow in my own golden colored piss.  I don’t deserve any kind of respect but I must get my just reward which is to be laughed at and mocked terribly and called names that hurt and humiliate me.

I have been so bad in a lot of things that I have done in life and to be punished in this humiliating and embarrassing way sort of evens out everything. If I have to pull my diapers down and bend over after pissing and pooping and my mommy has to spank my pissy and shitty butt, then I will accept that this is what I have to do.

If you are like me and you need a  mommy as well, don’t hesitate to call and speak to a mommy and make sure that you mention that you are a proud diaper sissy and you will be taken care of right away.


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