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Mommy and Son Phone Sex
September 8, 2016
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Are You Painting Mommy A Pretty Picture?
September 11, 2016


So how far do you think is too far when it comes to diaper punishment phone sex? I know every adult baby and diaper lover out there are unique and have their own set of limits and kinks and this Dommy Mommy wants to know what they are! Me personally with the experiences I’ve had with all my submissive diaper lovers, adult babies, and sissy babies, I can say that the most popular form of diaper punishment phone sex is taking an adult and turning them into my adult baby. Maybe they started off as a bed wetter or just have poor control of their bladder in general. All I know is that’s my most popular fantasy phone sex role play. Some of my abdls also like to be naughty and take off their diapers so I’ll just make them stay in a messy one for the whole night! Diaper domination phone sex is the best!



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