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May 27, 2013

Good Girl Bath Time

I was a good girl alllll week long, so I got to have a special treat! Daddy took me to the store and let me get bubble bath stuff!! There was all kinds of yummy smelling bubble bath bombs covered in all kinds of sparkly glitters!! Daddy said I was soooo good that I could pick as many as I wanted! I got sooo many! There was a goldish colored one that was covered in gold glitter, a pink and purple one that has a pretty rose in the middle of it, a white one with all different colors spotted on it… that one smelled like the ocean mmmmm!!! When I got home, Daddy filled the tub with warm water and put one of the pink and purple bombs in the water. It got all fizzy and made the water pretty pink!! I played in the tub till I was […]
May 5, 2013

AdultBabi Bikini Season!

I can’t wait to go to the beach! Summer time is my most favoritest time ‘cause Daddy rents a house by the beach and we get to stay there alllll season long!! There’s lots of time to lay out in the warm sunshine, and build nice sand castles in the pretty white sand, and I love jumping in the water and splashing around! Before we go to the beach house, there’s lots of getting ready to do! We have to pack everything up and shop for stuff we might need. I always make sure to pack all my toys! Adult baby ones AND my naughty ones hehehe! We have lots of neighbors at the beach house who like to play with me! Every year I get to go shopping for new bathing suits too! This year Daddy sent me shopping with my tranny mommy. She got me two babi girl […]
May 2, 2013

My Fussy, Hungry ABy

Mommy‘s ABy is fussy today! I’ve bathed you, given you a fresh crinkly diapey, rocked you, and nothing seems to soothe you. You won’t take your pacifier and you’ve thrown your bottle down everytime I offer it. Does ABy want Mommy’s milk? Does Aby need to suckle on Mommy’s full, warm titties? You take me into your mouth with a contented sigh. With your eyes closed, you snuggle closer, nursing loudly and happily. What a greedy ABy you are! It makes Mommy feel so good to have you pressed against me, skin to skin. The gentle pull of your mouth on my nipple makes Mommy’s special place tingle and grow warm. Mommy has lots of special ways to make sure her ABy is happy. Sara 1-888-430-2010
April 13, 2013

Messy Cali

  Going tinkle in a diaper is fun… but going poopy in a diaper is MORE fun!! There’s just something about a soft cushy diaper that makes me want to fill it with a load of big stinky poopys! I like to hold for a loooong time, until I can feel myself all full of poopys. I turn over on my tummy on my bed and tuck my knees up under me so my bottom is lifted. I can feel my poopy trying to get it, but I make it go reeeaaal slow so I can feel the whole thing come out. I feel it start to push against my diaper and squish against my bottom. Mmmm so squishy and gushy! Once its all out of my bottom, I crawl down on to the floor and sit up so I can wiggle all over on my poopy bottom! Oooh its […]
March 24, 2013

Easter Dress!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!! Did ya guess?!? I got my pretty new Easter Dress!! Getting pretty new dresses is always one of my very favorite parts of holidays since I love shopping so much!! And Daddy said that since I was a good girl for most of the time that my special Uncle came to visit, I could pick any dress that I wanted. I picked the prettiest light purple dress ‘cause purples my favoritest color AND it’s a pretty Easter color!! It has a swooshy full skirt and when I spin around real fast it flies up and you can see underneath!! Daddy said not to do that though hehe. Anyways, it has puffy sleeves and it came with a matching purple ruffle panty. I’m gonna wear it with some brand new silver mary jane shoes that Daddy got me too!! What’s everyone else wearing for Easter? […]
March 10, 2013

Diaper Love

There are so many things that I love about wearing adult diapers! Lotsa times when I talk to someone who is just getting into being an adult baby, or just starting wearing diapers, they have all kindsa questions. Like whats so great about wearing diapers and being a babie, how I started wearing diapers, stuff like that. So I figured I’d just answer some of those questions! First of all, bein’ a babie is so nice ‘cause you don’t have to worry about things! You have your mommy or daddy to take care of you and play with you, so there’s no worries. Adult babies can be totally care free!! And then of course, there’s diapers!!! Getting a diaper change is so fun! You get to lay down and feel all comfy while mommy or daddy wipes you up and lotions your special parts! Sometimes you even get an extra […]
February 23, 2013

Trouble at Daycare

Everyone knows how much I love to play show and tell! It’s just so much fun getting to see what the other adult babies have under their diapeys, and I love all the attention I get when I show them what I have. But I ended up getting myself into a teeny bitty bit of trouble when I was at daycare today. It was naptime and I couldn’t get sleepy, so I crawled behind some tables where two adult baby boys were playing and whispering. When I asked what they were doing, Billy said that he wanted to see if Sean had the same thing in his diaper that he had. As soon as the told me, I wanted to see too, so Sean pulled down his diapey and me and Billy leaned in close to peek. It looked just like what Daddy had expcept a little smaller! Your turn! […]
February 10, 2013

Valentine’s Date

  I really need a special caller for a Valentine’s date! Just someone who wants to play with me and have lotsa fun. Valentine’s Day can be such a disappointment sometimes, especially when you don’t have the right person to be with or your date is no fun. I would just love to spend that special day with someone who I know has the same kindsa interests as me, wouldn’t you? Plus, I decided I’d be pretty open to whatever kinda fun my date wants to have, so it’s definitely gonna be just perfect! Aaaand I promise I’ll be a good girl, hehehe. Really… I promise! No tantrums, no screaming fits, kick and crying, and if you want me to wear a diapy, I promis I won’t pull it of hehehe! I’ll be a real good girl… unless of course, you don’t want me to be a good girl hehehe! […]