Age Regress with Mommy Sara
June 24, 2012
phone vixen mom
June 25, 2012

"Spanking Fetish"

I was spanked and spanked good the other day! I was in the chat room, just minding my own business. Doing what every other red blooded American Diaper Girl does…drawing with blue marker all over Mommy Maggie’s kitchen…and I got spanked for it! Oh and I also put a live bunny in the fridge, BUT I told her not to look in there!

She picked me up and spanked me, over my pretty frilly diaper cover, right there in front of EVERYONE! I don’t think that was fair at all! I mean, the kitchen needed some color added to it, I was just redecorating! I don’t think it was a spankable offense in the least. That woman spanks hard too. I cried!

But secretly, I liked it! So HAHAHAHAHA on Mommy Maggie! She can spank me all she wants, because this Diaper Girl is very much into the Spanking Fetish.

*puts paci in my mouth and skips away*

Naughty Diaper Girl,

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