Mommy Maggie Gave Me A Spanking
June 24, 2012
AB/DL Phone Sex
June 27, 2012

Phone vixen mom Crissy gets to talk with some very fun people.
One of my fave caller’s likes me to tell him how I would dress him as an abie honeypie.

I like to put him in an adult abie onesie and matching blue abie booties he enjoys mommy’s bountiful breast’s filled with milk jus for quenching his thirst.

I always remember he loves to have bambino diapers and the best baby lotion for his little bitty bottom. I make sure that he is satisfied and very happy with all mommy has to offer for our time together.

We have storytime and playtime,feeding time and of course no visit would be complete without a nice warm blankie as I rock him to sleep and he drifts off to dreamland with thoughts of our next adventure in his mind.

I bet we would have lots of fun together my sweet reader!!

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