Bobby's Enema
September 3, 2012
Faggot Domination
September 8, 2012



I am looking for a fun, sexy, imaginative Diaper Daddy for some flirtatious phone role play. I have loads of stories about what I like to do and have done in my diapers and would love to hear yours. I have really been getting  into my diaper fetish more and more lately, sometimes wearing almost 24/7 for days at a time. And when I am by myself  and diapered, I like to get on the phone and swap titillating diaper stories with hot diapered Daddies. Then maybe you can change my diaper and we can make a story of our very own.

I have many kinks and fantasies. Everything from mutual diaper masturbation (you rub yours and I’ll rub mine, then we can switch, heehee) to forced diaper humiliation and diaper domination (switch hitter). Maybe you have a fantasy I have never tried before, I know I have a few for you.

Are you the Diaper Daddy I have been looking for?



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