Faggot Domination
September 8, 2012
Spanking Time
September 10, 2012

Bratty Cali

I’m a very temperamental girl. Sometimes I’m sweet and innocent and a good girl. But other times (lots of times, teehee) I can get a little bratty and demanding! Well, maybe a lot bratty and demanding!! One of my daddies will call me and ask how his sweet girl is doing. I start pretty sweet, telling him I’m ok, I’ve been a good girl, blah blah blah, LOL!

But soon, I just can’t help myself. My voice gets whinier and more demanding. “Daddddyyyy, I need more money!” I huff, my bottom lip poking out. I can hear how nervous he’s getting, the anxiety obvious in his voice. “Well, now, sweetie” he fumbles “Sweetie, I just gave you some money three days ago.” He stutters “I want MORE!” I shout into the phone. “NOW, daddy, I want it RIGHT NOW!!” “Now sweetheart, you’re a big girl, you’re 19 years old. There’s no reason to be acting like this.”
“Daddy,” I say making my sweet voice a little quieter, more menacing, “Daddy if you don’t give me more money right now, im gonna tell everyone about those nasty videos you have on your computer. The ones with those 18 year old girls getting fucked by older men. And how about the ones with the 18 year old boys? Hmmm? I think one of them was called “Gay Teen Cocks for Daddies”? What do you think mommy will think? And your boss at work?”

He’s practically crying now, “Ok, ok, please sweetie, I’ll get you more money, ok? I’lll get you some more.” “That’s better daddy.” I say smirking to myself.

kissies, Cali

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