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August 2, 2012
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August 7, 2012

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My favorite kinda diaper is a messy diaper! A fresh diaper always feels good, nice and soft against my bottom, but a messy diaper feels the best. It’s warm and squishy makes me feel like the little ABy I am.
Sometimes I feel shy about making my diaper messy. Daddy has to help me when I feel shy. He holds me in his arms and rubs my diapered bottom while he rocks me. If I’m having a really hard time, he slips his hand inside the back of my diaper and rubs my bare bottom. He slides his finger up and down between my cheeks and slides a finger inside my bottom. That works every time! When Daddy pulls his finger out I can always feel the poopy start to come out.
I like to plop down on my bottom and feel the messy squish all over inside my diaper. I feel it spread all over my little butt cheeks and squish between them. I rock forward so it squishes between my smooth little lips. Daddy loves to watch me play in my messy stinky diaper. He claps while I bounce up and down, making it squish loudly.
After a while I crawl back over to Daddy and climb up in his lap so he can rub my squishy bottom. He squeezes my diaper so the poopy gushes even more. Daddy loves to squish and rub my messy diaper and give me kisses! When we’re all done, Daddy cleans me up and rubs lotion all over my bottom. Then I get a fresh new diaper to make messy all over again!
Will you come play with me and change my messy diapers?

Diaper Girl Lacy


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