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September 30, 2012
Brand New Baby Girl
October 4, 2012

Little Devil Cali

If you ask any of the mommies around here, they’ll be quick to tell ya, I can sometimes, I mean like just every once in a while, get myself into a teeny tiny bit of trouble. What can I say… I may be 19 but sometimes I just can’t help but act like a little brat!

Here’s what usually happens… I see something I want. It could be anything, a cookie, a new doll, or maybe a new daddy or ABy guy I get a crush on and wanna play with; whatever it is, once I want it that’s it, I have to have it!! I’ll do whatever I have to do to get it, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll throw the biggest, loudest temper tantrum I can manage!

Just the other day one of my daddies took me with him while he did some shopping. Before we went into the store he told me that I couldn’t get any new toys because I already had so many and that I had to learn that I can’t always get what I want. Can you believe that ?!!?! So I was already feeling pouty, dragging my feet and whining. And then we walked by the Barbie aisle. WHY would he do that?! As soon as I saw I ran over and picked up the prettiest Barbie with long pretty brown hair like mine and a pretty ballerina tutu on. “Please please please can I get it Daddy pleeeaaassseee???” I begged, whining loud and pulling on Daddy’s sleeve. “Please Daddy, PLEASE??” Daddy crossed his arms and looked down at me, “Now baby, I told you, today we aren’t buying any toys.” I pouted and pulled harder on him “But Daddy, look how pretty she is!” He took the Barbie and put it back on the shelf, “Cali, I said no.” Well that did it, I threw myself down on the floor and started crying and whining as loud as I could! I laid down and kicked my legs, screaming at the top of my lungs “BUT I WAAAAANNT IT!!!!!”

Now here’s the thing… I would never do this with a mommy. A mommy would have just dragged me out of the store, end of story. But with daddies its easier… at least for me!

So anyway, I’m kicking and screaming on the floor and people are starting to come see what the fuss is, so Daddy crouches down next to me and tries to get me to stop. He talks softly and pulls me into his arms when he sees my big crocodile tears. As soon as I’m in Daddy’s arms I start to cry more quietly, sniffling, “I’m sorry Daddy,” I whimper, knowing that I have him right where I want him! “I d didn’t mean to be bad, Daddy… the dolly is just so pretty.” I say softly, pouting out my lips and giving Daddy puppy dog eyes. “Ok honey, ok, we’ll get the dolly this time.” HA! See, easy peasy.

I know I can be a little difficult sometimes, but what can I say? What’s so bad about a little teeny tiny bit of trouble?

kisses, Cali


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