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September 24, 2012
Why I Love being a Mommy
September 28, 2012

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Hooray for Boobs I know all the little one’s love em!! I get so much breastfeeding fetish calls I absolutely adore having ab suckle as I rock him in my big comfy rocking chair& sing him nursery rhymes.
Then when he is all done he slips off mommie’s nipple and curls right up on my lap like a little,bitty puppy
all tuckered out from his full day of playing with his toys and other ab babies as well.
Boobs also serve as great pillows for ab’s to rest their heads on while they are watching cartoons or Disney movies. tits are such a significant part of abdl play & every mommy knows just how to use them for ab’s enjoyment I know I do!!

huggies little ones!!
Miss Milf Crissy


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