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September 23, 2012
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September 24, 2012
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Using the Crop

13485256743198820224 ABDL BlogFor me there is nothing like using a crop on naughty boy’s butt love watching it turn bright red maybe some stripes going every which way i decide to bring it down across that butt just so i can watch it turn bright red.I love seeing the look in those eyes from being scared to wonder what is she going to do to me and how bad is it going to get.Love taking my time getting things ready while you all fixed up and waiting watching the sweat come down your face and body you know the reason don’t you lied lied and lied some more thinking i would never find out oh but i did.Someone got into my Chocolate Cake i had made told you it for after dinner desert but no you just not keep those fingers out of it.Now look at you with that butt of yours all nice and red this crop i do think does such a wonderful job.



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