There was anime standing for the photo session, a fetish humiliation.
Abdl Public Humiliation Assignment
January 24, 2020
She is breastfeeding while posing for the shots and exposing her bare breasts.
Come And Suck On Mommy’s Sweet Milk
April 2, 2020
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I know you must be very surprised right now. It’s definitely not everyday that a grown man wakes up in such a cute little outfit!  I suppose it’s a good thing then that you aren’t a grown man anymore.  Do you remember those hypnosis sessions that I was finally able to nag you to go to?  I know I got really pushy with those, but that’s because I was so impatient to see you all dressed up like the brand new silly sissy baby you are now! That hypnotist is a good friend of mine, and she’s been listening to me go on and on about how arrogant you’ve become for no good reason! You’ve become a jerk, so we decided that you needed to be taught some humility. I told you that the sessions were going to be for your temper! The solution for that just isn’t what you thought it might be! If you’re in need of your own sissy baby hypnosis lessons, give me a call for sissification phone sex.



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